What is basketball position 5?

Updated: 10/21/2022
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Center. The other starting positions are: (1) Point Guard; (2) Shooting Guard; (3) Small Forward; and (4) Power Forward.

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Q: What is basketball position 5?
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What is the number of the basketball position?


In basketball the center position is also numbered as what number?

They play the '5' position.

What is the 7 poisition of the basketball?

There is no 7th position in basketball. There are only 5 people on the court at once.

What position should you play if you are 5 foot 8 in basketball?


What is a position in basketball with the word front in it?

There is no such position!

What is a defensive position?

In basketball, the defensive position is the stance you are in while guarding an opponent (defense) in basketball.

Does a basketball player number signify their position?

There is no connection between a basketball player's number and the position he or she plays.

What is a pointguard in soccer?

Pointguard is not a soccer position. This position exists in basketball, however.

What are position in soccer is similar in basketball?


What is the rocket position in basketball?

It is a jumping sulutiin

In basketball What is the name of position 1?


How do you play guard position?

In Football or in Basketball??