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Base runner interference occurs whenever a player on base (offensive player) impedes the play of a defensive player. There are several ways to impede a defensive player.

1. The offensive player physically blocks, holds or collides with a defensive player. (There are exceptions to this rule, such as when the offensive player is trying to safely reach a base.)

2. The offensive player touches a batted ball while it is in play.

3. The offensive player blocks the throw of a defensive player when trying to throw the ball to another defensive player. The throw is blocked if it hits the offensive player.

Interference is called by an umpire. The interfering player is out and play stops.

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Q: What is base runner interference?
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If a runner runs into the base coach at third base is it coach interference?

Yes, it is coach's interference if, in the judgment of the umpire, the base coach at 3rd base, or at 1st base, by touching or holding the runner, physically assists him in returning to or leaving first or third base.

If a player is in the line of the runner and the runner runs into the player are they out?

If the fielder is attempting to make a play on a batted ball, and the base runner runs into the fielder, then the runner is out. If there is no play to be made on the ball, and the fielder is standing in the base line and is run into by the base runner, then it is interference on the fielder, and the runner is awarded the next base.

If an infielder boots the ball from out of the base path into the base path and the runner runs in to him is the fielder guilty of interference and the runner awarded the next base?

In most cases, no. A fielder has the ability to make a play on the ball. As long as he is in this act, there should be no interference

What happens to a runner when theres batter interference?

The ball is dead and all runner go back there base the batter is called out ...

What happens if a base runner intentionally interferes with a thrown ball?

Runner is out. Other runners must return to the base they occupied at the instant of the interference. If the runner was trying to break up a double play, the other runner is also out.

Is it catcher's interference if the bat hits the glove on the follow through?

Yes, interference will be called if the umpire judges the catcher hindered the batter. If the ball is hit and the batter runner successfully reaches first and runners forced to advance or were stealing a base advanced the interference is ignored. If the batter runner is thrown out the manager has the option to accept the outcome of the play or accept the interference call placing the batter runner on first. If other runners are on base the manager's choice will affect them too. Accepting an interference call would require non-forced runners to return to their base. Consider a runner on third with no or one out when interference occurs. The batter runner is thrown out while the runner on third scores. Accepting the interference would require the runner scoring from third to return to third.

If a batted ball hits a base runner is the batter safe or out?

When a batted ball hits a runner, A) the runner is out for interference, unless B) the ball first touches a defensive player or an umpire, then the runner is not out and the ball is live, unless C) the umpire judges the runner deliberately made contact with the ball, whereupon the umpire may call the runner out for interference and may also call the batter out for the runner's interference.

When is it interference by the batter with the catcher when a runner from third base is trying to score?

When the batter is standing on the plate.

Is a runner our for interference if he's standing on the base and a fielder runs into him whlie attempting to catch a pop fly?

no, he is standing on the base

Can you block second base during a steal attempt?

You can block any base as long as you have the ball, if you do not have the ball you can be called for interference and the runner can have the base.

What happens when a batted ball in fair territory hits a helmet that came off a base runner while running?

The runner is called out for interference.

Can the third base coach leave the coaches box to wave a runner home and if yes how far?

No the base coaches should never leave the box, it may cause interference and make the base runner out.

Does a runner score from third base if bases are loaded and there is a catcher interference call?

Yes. The batter is awarded first base and all runners would be forced up a base allowing the runner from third to score.

After laying down a bunt the batter clearly runs on the infield grass and is not inside the first baseline Is this interference and will he be called out?

This is Interference, but whether the runner is called out depends on what happens. A throw to 1st base where the runner interferes with the play is certainly grounds for them to be called out. Also if the throw to 1st base hits the runner in fair territory, they should be called out for interference. The fielder should throw to 1st base as if the runner were following the rules and running in foul territory. If they choose not to and move to allow the throw to reach 1st base without hitting the runner reaches safely, the umpires are allowed to interpret the rules as though the runner is either out or safe.

Is a runner considered out in baseball if he gets hit by the ball?

yes unless he is standing on the base It is also interference. Y-THINK-Y These answers assume we are talking about a batted ball (not clear from the question). A runner hit by a ball thrown by a fielder is not out, unless his interference with the throw was intentional. It is NOT interference if the ball first passes a fielder other than the pitcher. EXAMPLE: If the runner were to be running behind the fielder, and the ball went through the fielder's legs and hit the runner, the ball is live and there is no interference. A runner hit by a fair batted ball while standing on the base is out.

Batter awarded first base on balls is running outside the running lane catcher throws to first and hits the runner is the runner out on interference?

nothing, on a base on balls the runner is awarded 1st base so he will not get out unless he goes to 2nd or makes an attempt to 2nd and is tagged out.

Can a base runner pass another base runner?

No they can not, and if a base runner does pass another base runner that base runner would be called out.

Can a runner run over the short stop when the short stop is receiving the ball and not totally in the baseline?

If he is fielding a batted ball -- then no the runner cant run into him or it will be "Runner Interference" -- if the SS is catching a thrown ball at a base then the runner has the right to "run over" the SS if it is in an attempt to reach the base or continue running to the next base

What is a batter credited with when a baserunner is called out for interference?

Baseball rule 10:06 (e) a base hit shall not be scored when a runner is called out for interference with a fielder attempting to field a batted ball, unless in the scorer's judgment the batter runner would have been safe had the interference not occurred.

If a infielder boots the ball from out of the base path into the base path and the runner runs in to him while he is trying to field the ball is the runner out?

No, once the fielder comes in contact with the batted ball a runner cannot be called for runner interference unless he intentionally goes out of his way (basepath) to make contact with the fielder

Does a batter get credited with a hit on runner interference?


Runner runs into fielder in basepath catching thrown ball?

The runner is out for interference.

What is a lead runner?

The lead runner is the runner at the base closest to home plate when there is more than one runner on base. If there are runners on second base and third base, the runner on third base is the lead runner. If there are runners on first and second, the runner on second is the lead runner. If there is only one runner on base, there is no lead runner.

Can a fielder in baseball run over a baserunner to get the ball?

no the feilder cant make contact with the runner or ts interference and its a free base

What is the ruling on a ball hit to a fielder and a runner runs into the fielder?

If a runner runs into a fielder making a play on a batted ball, it is interference, and the runner is out; the ball is dead, the batter is awarded first base, and all other runners return to their last legally occupied base at the time of the pitch, unless forced by the batter. If in the umpire's judgment the interference is flagrant, the batter may also be called out.

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