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The etymology of the word "Ballet" reflects its history. The word ballet comes from French and was borrowed into English around the 17th century. The French word in turn has its origins in Italian balletto, a diminutive of ballo (dance). Ballet ultimately traces back to Latin ballare, meaning "to dance".

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Q: What is ballet in theater?
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When was Texas Ballet Theater created?

Texas Ballet Theater was created in 1961.

When was Brighton Ballet Theater created?

Brighton Ballet Theater was created in 1987.

When was Colon Theater Ballet created?

Colon Theater Ballet was created in 1925.

When was National Ballet Theater of Puerto Rico created?

National Ballet Theater of Puerto Rico was created in 2005.

How did ballet began?

ballet began as musical theater and turned into its own type of artistry

Where is ballet danced?

It depends, if you are talking about a ballet class, then it is at a ballet studio. If it is a performance you are talking about, then ballet is danced at a theater. If it is a local unprofessional ballet, then it is obviously at a local theatre. If it is a professional, then it is performed at a theater usually in the same popular city that the ballet company is in. Professional companies also go on tours to other major theaters.

What is Bolshoi theater?

a opera and ballet theatre

Who are some famous black ballet dancers?

Misty Copeland. She is a soloist with the famous American Ballet Theater!

What Nutcracker Ballet adaptation had Marie become the Sugar Plum fairy?

ABT - American Ballet Theater.

What dance form is known as musical theater?


What is the best ballet school in the world?

There is not one that is the best but there are many amazing ones. Canada's National Ballet School, American Ballet Theater, Royal Ballet School, Paris Opera, Australian Ballet School, Houston Ballet School, Stuttgart Ballet, and the list goes on....

What are the release dates for Have You Heard with Byron Beck - 2011 Oregon Ballet Theater?

Have You Heard with Byron Beck - 2011 Oregon Ballet Theater was released on: USA: 16 February 2012

Where in the US are the top ten ballet companies of 2007-2008?

Great American ballet companies are a matter of opinion. Yet, the New York City Ballet, American Ballet Theater, Pacific Northwest Ballet, San Fransisco Ballet, Miami City Ballet, Boston Ballet, Pennsylvania Ballet, Oregon Ballet, and other smaller-tier companies are considered at the top!

Did Patrick Swayze dance with a ballet company in New York at any time?

After attending Harkness Ballet Theater School he danced with the Joffrey Ballet Company and the Eliot Field Ballet Company in New York.

Best ballet companies?

there is one really really good ballet company in NH. Its called Southern New Hampshire Dance Theater. The New York City Ballet is also a popular ballet as well as American Ballet.

What are the top 5 ballet summer programs?

American Ballet Theater: New York School of American Ballet San Francisco Ballet Boston Ballet: Summer Dance Program Pacific Northwest Ballet

Which of these Communist leaders had a ballet theater named after him in Saint Petersburg?


How much money does a ballet dancer at earn?

Well, if you are dancing at a Major ballet company (ie. American Ballet Theater) you can be paid at least $100,000 or much, much more a year...

What is the name of a famous Russian ballet company?

The Moscow Ballet performs in the Bolshoi Theater.Royal Russian Balletfounded in 2008

Give famous events of the Kansas City ballet?

The Kansas City Ballet is a famous theater that hosts many different ballet performances. Some famous events of the Kansas city ballet are: fairy tale themed dances.

What ballet studios start with z?

Zurich Tanz-Theater (Zurich, Switzerland)

What are the release dates for Gala Opening of the American Ballet Theater - 1984 TV?

Gala Opening of the American Ballet Theater - 1984 TV was released on: USA: 5 March 1984 (Beverly Hills, California)

When is it Polina Semionova birthday?

The Russian ballet dancer was born on September 13th, 1984. Semionova trained at the Bolshoi Ballet School in Moscow, and she currently dances at the American Ballet Theater as a principal dancer.

What are the release dates for Have You Heard with Byron Beck - 2011 Oregon Ballet Theater 2-7?

Have You Heard with Byron Beck - 2011 Oregon Ballet Theater 2-7 was released on: USA: 16 February 2012

Who is farukh?

Farukh Ruzimatov is a Russian ballet dancer. He was born in the Soviet Union on June 26, 1963, and is employed by the Mikhaylovsky Theater as its artistic director for ballet.