What is badmitton?

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Badminton is a game that uses rackets to hit a shuttlecock back and forth over a net. It can be played by two opposing players or opposing pairs.

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Q: What is badmitton?
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What sport did London add?


What sport played wiht shuttlcock?


What are the sports that you use a raquet for?

Tennis, badmitton.

What sport do you use a bird in?

You use a birdee in badmitton.

What is Richard Nixon's favorite sport?

cricket and badmitton

What the other name of badminton?

The other name for Badmitton is Birdy

What is Richard Nixon's two favorite sports?

cricket and badmitton

What toys start with the letter b?

Ball, badmitton, bear, bakugan

How do you spell badmitton?

Badminton. It's in the name of the category you put this question in.

What is the ball used in badmitton named?

I know it sounds funny, but it is called a shuttlecock!

In which sport was the fastest unaided speed of 248 km per hour recorded?


Do any games use racquets other than tennis and badmitton?

Yes, Raquet Ball

Why is it called a birdie in badmitton?

Just on top of my head, because the shuttle cock is made from feathers of birds.

What sport is usually played in England?

* Soccer * Rugby * Darts * Crew * Tennis * Boxing * Badmitton just to name a few.

What is Vietnam 's national sport?

Football (soccer) is their national sport. Although, they also play cricket, rugby, tennis, and badmitton.

What are all the games that people play in the US that don't involve ice?

football, basketball, baseball, tennis, cycling, badmitton, volleyball,

What sports did Mac miller play?

well he played basketball, baseball, football, soccer, tennis, table tennis, badmitton, volleyball and foosball.

Is volleyball more dangerous than badminton?

Yes. Volleyball players tend to run into each other when going for the ball. With badmitton, that's not possible.

What are sports played in the US?

soccer, baseball, football, hockey, tennis, badmitton, running, basketball, wrestling, boxing, softball, bowling, so much to name

Where can you get badminton serving pictures in steps?

you can find it out on google go to google images then type in badmitton steps and look through till an accurate one comes

What are some common leisure of Filipinos?

Filipinos enjoy various leisure activities. These activities include karaoke, and fiestas. They also enjoy sports activities including tennis and badmitton.

Is it safe to play sports if you have pleurisy?

you can but you might find it difficult seeing how pleurisy affects your ability to take deep breaths so unless it's badmitton i wouldn't recommend it

What is Vietnam National Sport?

There is no official sport of Vietnam, but the most popular sport is association football (known to some as soccer). In addition, the country has a growing community in cricket, rugby, and badmitton.

What are the three things about badminton?

1) You are required to use a badmitton raquet and a birdie 2) This game requires at least 2 players 3) During the game, the players hit the birdie back and forth with their raquets until one person misses it and falls on the ground.

Where does Martin live?

Martin lives with the Pygmy elephants in West Africa. He enjoys fishing and writing poems to his lost love clemintine. He also is an avid Badmitton enthusiast and manufactures his own brand of Shuttlecocks called "Marty's Birdies" His slogan is " they last longer and go harder than any other shuttlecock in the world"

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