What is b in a sport?

Updated: 9/22/2023
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could be alot of things... saying b for a volleyball position while hitting, could be a b team for any sport like the not as good players. Really b could mean anyhting depending on the team

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Q: What is b in a sport?
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Sport Club Corinthians Paulista B was created in 2000.

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click a and b

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Backstroke swimming is a sport in which you must swim backwards to win.

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Yes, badminton has appeared in the Olympics since 1992.

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Yes, A-B ( makers of Budweiser) sponsor the whole sport of pro race car driving.

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Dog sledding, Cross-country skiing Both A and B

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Yes, there is. For instance basketball and baseball our common sports that start with a B.

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well sport would b no fun if it wasn't physical, see what i mean?