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if offside happens, they give the ball to the opposite team

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Q: What is awarded if offside should happen in netball?
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When a player is penalised for offside in netball what is the penalty and where should it be taken?

The ball is given to the opposing team, the penalty is taken from the sense of the infringement

What happens after an offsides in soccer?

An indirect free kick is awarded to the other team. Indirect meaning that they cannot shoot at goal. things you should note:player cannot be offside if in his or her own half,cannot be offside if he or she receives the ball directly eg from a corner, offside free kick not awarded if player is not affecting play, e.g lying injured

How many people watch a netball match?

there should be 14 people playing 7 on each side and at least 2 subs (offside though).

A penalty pass or shot has been awarded in a netball game in the goal circle the shot is released but before it passes through the ring the umpires whistle is blown for time is the goal scored?

The goal should be awarded if it was a penalty shot.

What clothes should you wear for playing netball?

netball uniform

Should communication be used on a netball court?

yes it should be used in all netball games

How tall should a mini netball pole be?

Mini netball heigt is 2,5m.

In netball can you kick the ball?

No. You should never kick a netball in netball. If unintentional it is a turn over. If intentional you can be asked to sit out.

Where do netball they stand?

This should help

How high should a netball hoop be for 9 year olds?

Netball hoops for 9 year olds depend weather they are playing netta or netball. for netball its 2.5 m and netta is 1.5

Should boys be banned from netball?

I dont see why boys cant play netball after all it is a sport

How long before a netball game should i eat eggs?

One should eat eggs 20-30 mins before a netball game.

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