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most of the girls in my class do it in under 10:30

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2011-05-06 02:35:00
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Q: What is average time for a high school girl to run a mile?
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What is average time for indoor 2 mile race for high school girl?

five minuets is the minimum

What is the distance of an average high school track?

1/4 mile

What is the average time for a high school athlete to run a mile?

I would say that the average High School athelete can run a mile in seven minutes. maybe if they are a girl and not in track or cross country for a girl in track, average is around 6 minutes, possibly a bit faster, for guys average ~5 for athletes not in track, i don't know since they don't normally run timed miles...

What is the fastest 2 mile run by a girl in high school?

11: 14

What is the fastest mile run by a girl in a high school track meet?

At the age of 18 Alan Webb ran 3:53.43 in the mile, setting a new high school record.

What is a fast mile swim?

fast for a high school girl is like 19 minutes

What is the average running speed for a mile?

depends on age and gender, and fitness level for example, a high school girl, that is somewhat fit will have a mile time of 7 or 8 minutes, it just depends where as a high school male student could have a mile time of as little as 5 minutes it really just depends hope that helped! -GossipGirl17

What is an average time for a mile in middle school?

the average time to run the mile in middle school is 9.58

What is a 5k pace?

That depends ..... for high school girls (i know this cause i run cross country) i guess the average would be like 7:30 a mile. for guys, the average pace is like 6:30 a mile ... i think. I'm a girl so yeah.

What is the fastest mile a high school girl has ever ran?

That was Polly Plumer in 1982 at 4:35.24.

What is the Average time for a high school freshman boy to run a mile?

6 minutes or so if they are in shape.

What is the average time for a high school cross country runner in a 3 mile race?

19 minutes

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