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The average speed of a professional soccer player's shot is 67 MPH.

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Q: What is average speed of Soccer shot of professional Soccer?
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Average speed of a soccer shot?

I soccer shot travels faster than you might realize. The average speed of a professional soccer shot is between 45-55 miles per hour.

What is the average speed of a soccer ball when kicked by a professional soccer player?

speeds can get up to 75 miles per hour i think. with a 60 mph shot the goalies hands recoil 6 inches this is true but some of the better players kicked it a 103mph and 98mph.

What is the normal speed of a soccer shot?

depends on the person

What is the average speed of a hockey puck shot into a goal?

the average speed of a hockey puck is 80-90 mph but when its shot to the goal it can excess a speed of 100 mph or more

How does acceleration apply to soccer?

Acceleration is a key aspect of soccer. Players need speed to get past defenders and have a shot on goal.

What is the average speed of a wrist shot?

An excellent wrist shot can achieve 80 mph, perhaps higher. An average speed of 50-60 mph is reasonable to assume.

What is considered great good average poor shot percentage in lacrosse?

the speed of an average shot for an average offensive player is around 60-70

What is the speed of the lacrosse shoot?

Paul Rabil, of the Boston Cannons, has clocked his shot at 113mph. That was the fastest shot ever shot. The average lacrosse speed in the MLL is in the 90's

How fast can tennis ball travel?

The ball itself can travel as fast as a force exerted on it can send it. This can range from 1 mph to 1,000 mph. An average first serve speed for male professional tennis players is about 120 mph, but it has been observed to be as fast as 155 mph (Andy Roddick, USA). Likewise, a male professional player's second serve speed can vary, but it is on average about 92 mph. An average male professional tennis player's shot speed is about 70 mph, with fast-paced winners increasing to speeds up to 110 mph (although it can be higher on rare occasions). Obviously, each shot can vary in speed depending on the kind of shot being hit, the speed of the ball before it makes contact with the racquet (depending on whether the shot is a return of the opponent's shot or not), whether the player is male or female, the player's age, the player's experience, and the player's physique. Reiterating the basic answer to the original question, there is no limit to the speed a tennis ball can travel.

How do you find the velocity of a soccer ball?

Some channels show you the distance between the ball and the goal at freekicks. They also show the speed of the shot. On average a freekick is between 80 and 100km\h.

When did Super Shot Soccer happen?

Super Shot Soccer happened in 2002.

When was Super Shot Soccer created?

Super Shot Soccer was created on 2002-07-25.

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