What is athletic success?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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when you achieve a goal you set your self on athletic or sporting :)

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Q: What is athletic success?
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What has the author Mark Warren Huntington written?

Mark Warren Huntington has written: 'Predictors of success on the human anatomy-related portions of the National Athletic Trainers' Association certification examination' -- subject(s): Athletic trainers, Certification, Examinations, Human anatomy, National Athletic Trainers Association, Prediction of scholastic success, Study and teaching (Higher)

Are the English very athletic?

I am English, and I kind of find that offensive, but yes we are athletic not all are (very) athletic, but we are athletic in America

What is an athletic protector?

An athletic protector is an alternative name for a jockstrap or athletic supporter.

What is the prefix for athletic?

what is the prefix of athletic

What is a sentence using the word athletic?

1. What is a sentence using the word athletic? 2. I am an athletic person. 3. You are not very athletic.

Is athletic ability a hereditary trait?

Athletic potential is hereditary, but athletic ability can be learned.

What is the superlative and comparative of the word athletic?

comparative -- more athletic superlative -- most athletic

Which is correct Boys' Athletic Booster Club or Boy's Athletic Boost Club?

Boys' Athletic Booster Club = Athletic Booster Club for boys (plural) Boy's Athletic Booster Club = Athletic Booster Club for a boy (singular)

How do sports change a person?

It can change you because if you are not athletic or if you are athletic, it can either make you more athletic or can make you athletic if u already were'nt.

Who organizes athletic competition?

athletic directors

What is a connotation for non athletic?

not fit,not athletic

What part of speech is athletic?

Athletic is an adjective.