What is athletic attire?

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Athletic attire is a loose fitting casual set of cloths or gear used in a sport, workout, or exercise to protect or better suit a the the wearer in the activity.

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Q: What is athletic attire?
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Related questions

What kind of running attire is best to run in?

The best running attire would be adidas apparel or nike apparel. You should try to wear athletic apparel such as sweat pants or shorts. Also wear some running shoes.

What equipments do you need to figure skate?

Basically just figure skates! Stretchy athletic clothing or figure skating dresses are the usual attire.

What is a lawyers attire?

Mainly Proffesional attire.

What do Olympic athletes wear to compete?

What they wear depends on what events they are competing in. Most athletes wear modern athletic attire that can include warm up suits, shorts and tanks.

What is something that you wear that start with letter A?

attire attire

Does Hestia have formal attire and everyday attire?

Hestia, the Greek goddess, wares whatever attire she chooses.

What is the difference between elegant attire and formal attire?

Elegant attire and formal attire are similar in wear, with only minor differences. Elegant attire is usually worn at balls or requested events. Individuals invited to an event by the Queen of England would wear elegant attire. Formal attire is usually worn to a wedding.

What benefits have Russelll Athletic sportswear compared to other sportswear manufacturers?

Russel Athletic sportswear is an attire of sports clothing suitable for physical movements. The material of the sports clothing is sweat absorbing so skin feels drier throughout the duration of any sporting activity.

When was Attire Accessories created?

Attire Accessories was created in 2007.

Need a sentence with the word attire?

Appropriate attire was required at the gala.

What is a ox attire?

Great question.... Ox attire is known as yoke.

What is professional attire?

it means very nice clothing but nicer then plain attire!!!

What is traditional attire?

Traditional attire is the traditional clothing for a specified group of people.

What are Matt Hardy's ring attire in svr 2010?

the attire that he wore at wrestlemania

What is the homophone for attire or clothing?

Clothes is a word meaning attire, and its homophone is close.

When was Evening Attire Stakes created?

Evening Attire Stakes was created in 1902.

What does attire mean?

The word attire refers to clothing, formal or dressy in particular.

What is smart casual attire for men?

Smart casual attire for men means wearing informal but neat attire. It is not as dressy as formal attire but a step up from business casual. The attire includes shirts with collars, jeans or khaki trousers, and loafers or other closed shoes.

What is meant by attire?

Dress is what is meant by attire. You may receive receive an invitation specifying formal dress. That would mean formal attire. It is what you are wearing.

What is party casual attire?

Casual attire is something that is not formal, such as jeans and a comfortable top.

What is attire?

Attire is a collective term for the clothes or style of clothing or adornments that a person wears.

What do you call horse attire?

The attire for a horse is called tack (saddle, bridle, ect.)

Which women's hosiery is best for business attire?

Pantyhose will make your business attire complete.

What can be considered appropriate business attire for women?

Appropriate business attire for women can be casual attire such as slacks, sweaters, and long or short sleeve shirts. For more formal attire women can wear pant suits or dress suits.

What is the definition of evening attire?

Evening attire is nice clothing. For men, evening attire will be a nice tailored suit. For women, its a nice evening dress, usually black.