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The usual term is the abbreviated form "goalie," although the position may also be called "netkeeper."

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Q: What is another word for goalkeeper?
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What is another word for 'before' using the letters- goalkeeper?

ere, pre-

What is the Greek word for goalkeeper?


What is the Afrikaans word for 'goalkeeper'?

The afrikaans word for goalkeeper is: doelwagter. (say: dool-vakh-tirr)

What is the French word for 'goalkeeper'?

The French name for a goalkeeper, such as that on a soccer field, is "gardien de but". The phrase is masculine.

Who is the best goalkeeper that still plays soccer?

It is the Italian goalkeeper of Juventus Gianlughi Buffon, he is also the Italian goalkeeper. And is the highest paid goalkeeper in the world. another possibility is Petre Ceche who currently plays for the English Premier League club, Chelsea F.C

What happens if a goalie is red carded in soccer?

The goalkeeper has to leave and the team is reduced by one player. The team needs to have a goalkeeper, so then what happens is that another player goes into goal to be the goalkeeper. It could be an outfield player, but the normal thing is to substitute an outfield player with the substitute goalkeeper.

Interesting fact about Mexico's football team?

Their goalkeeper played for five world cups in a row. And another goalkeeper Jorge Campos would change position from a goalie to a midfielder.

Can you be a goalkeeper on FIFA 13?

Yes, You can be a goalkeeper in fifa 13. There is a goalkeeper mode in fifa 13 where you can practice your skills as a goalkeeper and see the game with the his perspective.

Who is the goalkeeper for the Bristol Rovers?

Currently, Scott Bevan is the goalkeeper. The second goalkeeper is Lance Cronin.

Is goalkeeper a compound word?

A compound word is one that is made of two or more separate words. The way to tell is to see if you can divide the word and still have real words. If you divide goalkeeper, you have goal and keeper. Both are real words, so this is a compound word.

What is the definition of goalkeeper?

Goalkeeper is a position in some sports.

What players helps the goalkeeper?

Defenders assist the goalkeeper.

Who was Liverpools champions league goalkeeper in 2005?

Liverpools champion goalkeeper was the Polish goalkeeper in 2005 Jerzey Dudek.

Who is the youngest goalkeeper to play in the premier league?

You'll have to find another way Mr Unwin

Is petr chec a good goalkeeper?

Oh yes Petr Cech is a good goalkeeper , he was once the worlds best goalkeeper.

How do you spell goli?

In sport, the word goalkeeper is abbreviated to "goalie" The expression of surprise is spelt "Golly".

Be a goalkeeper in FIFA 10?

No. you can only be a goalkeeper on FIFA 11.

Who is the goalkeeper for Chelsea?

Petr Čech is the name of the goalkeeper for Chelsea.

What is the role of a goalkeeper in football?

The goalkeeper has a very important role in football. The goalkeeper protects the goal in order to keep the other team from scoring a goal. This helps the goalkeeper's team have a better chance of winning.

Can a goalkeeper kick a penalty kick?

Yes, a goalkeeper can take penalties.

Who was first England goalkeeper?

The first goalkeeper was Andrew Vartell in 200AD

Who is the goalkeeper of chelsea?

The goalkeeper for the soccer team, Chelsea is Petr Čech.

What types of goalies are there and what does it mean?

Goalie is the abbreviated word for goalkeeper. The goalkeeper is the player in any team sport, requiring the scoring of goals, who is allowed to handle the ball or puck when trying to stop the scoring of goals.

What was the position of soudi football legend mohammed daei goalkeeper or striker?


Who is the top scoring goalkeeper?

The best goalkeeper of all time is Peter Schmeichel.