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Formally, tennis is tennis as Chess is chess, meaning there is no formally recognized synonym; however, informally, people often use a part of the action in tennis to refer to the game: toss the ball around, threaten the net, strive for the perfect backhand, etc.

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Q: What is another name for tennis?
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What is another name for pingpong?

Another name for pingpong is Table Tennis

What is another name for ping pong?

Another name for ping pong is table tennis.

What is another name for tennis elbow?


What is a another name for table tennis?

ping pong

What is the name for ping pong?

Another name for ping-pong is table tennis.

What is the official name of tennis?

The official name for tennis is 'tennis'. The official name for tennis is 'tennis'.

What is the difference between pingpong and table tennis?

Ping pong is another name for table tennis. It was called ping pong and table tennis while the sport was still being developed, the name ping pong came from the sound of a rally. Table tennis is the official name of the sport. In chinese, the name for table tennis is ping pang, or 乒乓. The characters look like a table on purpose.

What is the birth name of Paul Tennis?

Paul Tennis's birth name is Paul Joseph Tennis.

What is another word for tennis game?

Another word for a tennis game is a match.

What is lawn tennis?

lawn tennis is tennis. It was the original name when tennis courts were made with grass

What is the name of a bat used in tennis?

tennis racquet

What is another word for unseeded tennis player?

Unstoppable tennis champion

Are there any table tennis tables that fold for storage?

Another name for a tennis table, is called ping pong table. You can get a table that will fold up, although even after it is folded it is still quite large.

What was the original name for tennis?

real tennis

What is the name for the tennis played on grass?

lawn tennis

What is the name of a tennis court?

A tennis Court.:S

What is the name given a place where tennis is played?

Tennis Court

What sports have 6 letters in their name?

soccer, tennis

Why ls let in tennis called let?

It's from the French word roulet , another chance. So let in tennis is to give another chance

What is the name of the tennis center in Brisbane?

The current major tennis centre there is called, "The Queensland Tennis Centre".

What are some brand name tennis bags?

Some name brand tennis bags are Wilson, Head, Prince and Addidas. A tennis bag does not have to be expensive and name-brand in order to adequately carry your tennis equipment. Also Nike, and NIKE AND NIKE ETC.

What is an example sentence for tennis?

An example might be - Tennis is a fast-paced sport. Another example is - The tennis ball shattered the window.

How did the tennis court oath get its name?

the oath was made in a tennis court

What is the name of the governing body for tennis?

ATP, or the Association of Tennis Professionals

What is Andre Agassi doing these days?

Andre Agassi is busy focusing on his wife and kids. His wife's name is Steffi Graf, another famous tennis player. His kids are not yet into tennis but many expect for them to be soon. Andre is enjoying his retirement!