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Q: What is another name for skill-related fitness?
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Can you give another name for cardio vascular fitness?


What is a good name for a fitness center?

fitness connection

What is the birth name of April Fitness?

April Fitness's birth name is Theresa Annecharico.

What is another name for fitness balls?

The fitness ball has several other names. A common name is the exercise ball. Other names are the Swiss ball, birth ball, gym ball, and stability ball. It is used for physical therapy, weight training, and exercising.

What are the benefits of O2 Fitness?

I don't have much knowledge on 02 Fitness but it looks like oxygen Fitness is another based excessive. Fitness with Oxygen seems to be the summary.....

What stores carry the PowerPlate fitness machines?

Amazon is one place PowerPlate fitness machines can be purchased. Another place would be fitness retail stores in your city. Another way would be on the Internet.

Name for your fitness center?

You can do it

Is there an affordable fitness store in Atlanta?

I have researched the availability of fitness stores in the Atlanta area and have found several that may be of interest to you. There is Snap Fitness, Fitness Resource and LA Fitness to name a few.

What does the LA in LA fitness club name stand for?

Los Angeles Fitness Club

Is LA Fitness buying Bally's Total Fitness?

Yes ... Everything will take place dec 1st ... No news yet on whether Bally total fitness will remain under the same name or changing name officially to LA fitness

What is another name for the cardiovascular fitness exercises?

Also called Aerobic or Endurance Exercise, Cardiovascular exercise is a form of activity that uses aerobic metabolism.

Where can I find a Fitness vacation?

I would really look on Craig list for Fitness resorts. Another great way to look would be to look into Carnival resorts which has a great workout Fitness areas. I think you and your wife will really enjoy these Fitness workouts.