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In Bowling, it's a ball that is pitched so that it travels down the gutter instead of down the lane.

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In Bowling, it's a ball that is pitched so that it travels down the gutter instead of down the lane.

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Channel is another typical term.

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Q: What is another name for gutter in bowling?
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What is a gutter guard in Wii Sports Resort Bowling?

They are the protectors on each of the side of the bowling area, with which the ball doesn't go into the gutter.

How many points do you get for a gutter ball in bowling?


What is bumper bowling?

Bumper bowling is when the gutters in a bowling alley are filled u can bounce the ball off blOckers in the gutter

When the ball goes off of the alley where does it end up?

Once the ball reaches beyond the pin deck, it is directed, by a series of wheels, pulleys or belts to a chute and rail where the ball uses gravity or mechanical assistance to bring back the ball to the ball return.

How do you roll on the edge of gutter rail in Wii sports resort bowling?


When you knock down 0 bowling pins?

That's called a "gutter ball".

Another name for bowling?

ten pin.

What is the gutter in bowling?

[answer removed for not follow terms of use]My answer:The "gutter" in bowling, is a term used to describe the two channels, one on either side of the bowling lane. If the bowl reaches the channel, a zero or "miss" is recorded for that shot. Even if the ball comes back out of the gutter at some point, it is still scored as a zero and the pins are reset.

What is a bowling alley made of?

Mainly wood for the lane, rubber or wood for the gutter, plastic or metal for the ball return.

How do you get the clown achievement in bowling buddies?

score '0' points. You can do this by throwing the ball in the gutter throughout the whole game!!!

What ethnicity is the last name Gutter from?

Gutter is a German name, also used in Yiddish. It means "Better"

What are some funny bowling award categories?

One funny Bowling award category would be strangest form while bowling. Other categories could be, most gutter balls, fewest spares, and an award for playing an entire game without getting a strike.