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Q: What is another name for cycling training?
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What has the author Davis Phinney written?

Davis Phinney has written: 'Training for cycling' -- subject(s): Cycling, Training

What has the author Hunter Allen written?

Hunter Allen has written: 'Cutting-edge cycling' -- subject(s): Training, Cycling 'Racing and training with a power meter' -- subject(s): Training, Cycling, Triathlon

What are some accomplishments of the Hot Tubes cycling team?

One of the accomplishments of the Hot Tubes cycling team is graduating a large number of high quality cyclists. Another is having a reputation as an excellent training program.

What does cycling for a long term period do for your heart?

If done correctly, cycling strengthens the heart through aerobic training.

What has the author Robert Panzera written?

Robert Panzera has written: 'Cycling fast' -- subject(s): Training, Cycling

What training regimes are used by the Cannondale cycling team?

The training regimes that are used by the Cannondale cycling team are riding a total of ninety minutes, but at different intervals on different terrains.

What has the author Arnie Baker written?

Arnie Baker has written: 'Bicycling medicine' -- subject(s): Cycling, Cycling accidents, Health aspects, Health aspects of Cycling, Physiological aspects, Physiological aspects of Cycling, Nutrition 'The essential cyclist' -- subject(s): Cycling, Equipment and supplies, Safety measures 'Essentials of bicycle training & racing' -- subject(s): Training, Cycling, Bicycle racing

What has the author Fred Matheny written?

Fred Matheny has written: 'Solo cycling' -- subject(s): Bicycle racing, Training 'Weight training for cyclists, from the editors of Velo-news' -- subject(s): Gewichtheffen, Wielersport, Cycling, Training, Weight training 'Fred Matheny's complete book of road bike training' -- subject(s): Bicycle racing, Training

What are some good exercises for cycling training?

Good exercises for cycling training would be core exercises for the mid section, such as sit ups or planks. Leg strengthening exercises such as lunges and squats would be helpful too.

What is another word for a cycling arena?


What is cycling hockey?

cycling in hockey is when a teammate passes the puck to another teammate along the yellow of the boards

How long does it take to lose cycling fitness?

a surprisingly short amount of time! depends how fit you were to begin with and how tired you were before you stopped cycling/training as rule of thumb..fitter you are the quicker it goes :-( but this is only if you do a seroius amount of training to begin with)