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The Triathalon

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Q: What is an olympic advent containing 3 sports?
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What is the name of an olympic event containing 3 sports?


An olympic event containing 3 events?

An Olympic event containing three events is called a "Triathlon."

What are the 3 olympic pillars?

Sports, Environment, and Culture

What are the games for Youth Olympic Games?

There are a total of 28 sports for the Youth Olympic Games. Some sports have been modified to suit younger competitors, e.g. basketball is played on a 3-on-3 version.

What are 3 olympic winter sports?

Snowboarding hockey skiing

What 3 sports made there debut at the 2002 summer Olympic games?

The Summer Olympic Games did not take place in 2002.

How many olympic sports did the YMCA pioneer?

3, you shouldn't cheat on your test ;)

What Olympic sports have both men and women competing together?

Dressage, 3 Day Eventing & Show Jumping are the only Olympic sports to feature individual men and women competing against one another.

3 popular french sports?

tennis. Team Handball (Olympic Gold!) soccer (football)

What are 3 Winter Olympic sports that involve women?

figure skating, alpine skiing, skeleton

Which sport did israel win the most olympic medals?

Israel has won the majority of their Olympic medals in the sports of Judo and Sailing. 3 medalswere won in Judo and 3 medals were won in Sailing.

Who is the person that won 3 gold medals at los angeles olympic in water sports?

Rowdy Gaines

Why isn't softball an olympic sport?

Softball, as well as baseball, aren't Olympic sports because they were unwanted by international sports officials who thought that these two sports were far too 'American' for the world wide sports competitions. These are the first two sports since polo (in 1963) to be eliminated from the games. Other countries felt that it was unfair that the Americans won 3 times in a row, seeing as it is a primarily 'American' sport.

What did the ancient Greeks have for Olympic's?

yes they had 5 diffrent sports and stuff it 4 5 days it lasted for 3 weeks

Is there a horse riding sport in the Summer Olympics?

3-Day Eventing, Dressage and Show Jumping are all Summer Olympic sports.

How many Maltese athletes participated in 2012 olympic games?

Five athletes were selected to the team to compete only in 3 different sports.

What event contains 3 sports?

Triathlon. Swimming, bicycle, running.... and doubtless some anorak will give you the distances for Olympic and Ironman triathlons.

How many athletes did maldives send to the 2012 olympic games?

Five Divehi athletes were selected to the team, competing only in 3 different sports.

What Olympic sports start with Y?

No summer or winter Olympic sport starts with the letter Y.

Who won sports personality of the year twice?

Im not sure that there has ever been someone to win the sports personality of the year twice but I'll try to find out - although Tom Daly (the olympic diver) has won the Young Sports Personality of the Year 3 times I believe! :)

What two sporting code did South Africa win the gold medal at the Olympic games in London?

Swimming and Rowing were the 2 Sports for the 3 Gold Medals

How many weeks are there in Advent?

In western churches, advent starts on the 4th Sunday before Christmas day - so between 3 and 4 weeks. In the Orthodox church, there are 40 days of advent - nearly six weeks. Advent calenders usually start on the 1st of December - 3 weeks and 4 days before Christmas.

What is aggression in sport?

Many popular sports require the players to be aggressive. Some sports more than others have physical aggression as part of the sport. In some sports an aggressive mindset in needed and there is no physical contact. Here are the sports, some are Olympic Sports that require physical aggression: 1. Boxing 2. Wrestling Both the above Olympic sports require aggressive physical contact. Non Olympic sports requiring physical aggression: 1. Professional boxing 2. American football 3. Canadian football Winning in a sport that does not require physical contact, always requires an aggressive attitude or mindset to win.

How many days do you have on an Advent calendar?

Although Advent can begin as early as November 27 to as late as December 3, most Advent calendars begin on December 1, giving them 24 days.

Name two olympic sports where men and women compete against each other .?

show jumping sailing there are are actually 3 that i know of they also compete in mixed badminton