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a brassie

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Q: What is an old 2 wood golf club called?
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When was the Burke cobra 2 wood golf club created?

what was the old name for the 2 wood?

What is an old name for a 3 wood in golf?


What is the old name for a golf 1-wood?


Name of old golf club starting with an O?

Oakmont Country Club

In golf what is the old name for an 8-iron golf club?

a nibley can be a 7 - 9 iron.

What is the Old name for a Five Iron golf club?


Old name of a 2 wood in golf?

Brassie. Although, the historical name for the club that was the closest equivalent to today's 2-woods, a modern 2-wood is not a brassie club - the brassie was very different from a modern 2-wood. But in loft, appearance and use, the brassie is the antique club that is most related to a 2-wood. "Brassie" is most commonly applied to pre-20th Century times..

What age tiger wood start golf?

Tiger Woods Started Playing Golf at Eleven Months Old.

In golf what is the Old name for a 5-iron golf club?

i believe it is a masse I think that the correct term is Mashie

Anybody out there collect golf memorabilia-old hickory golf club etc?

You might try they auction golf memorabilia including Old Hickory clubs. I believe they have a golf Blog you can ask questions about golf memorabilia.

What are some good destinations for an Ireland golf vacation?

The southwest coast of Ireland is the most popular among golfers, featuring the country's most visited golf course, Ballybunion. Lahinch Golf Club and Waterville coupled with Doonbeg Golf Club, Tralee Golf Club, and Old Head Golf Links make these region one of golf's "must-play treks."

What sport uses a mashie?

Masie is an old name for a type of golf club.