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Q: What is an offensive pass in basketball that leads directley to the basket?
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What is a lead guard in basketball?

A lead guard in basketball actually leads the team down the court during the game towards their basket. They dribble the ball and make the first play. If the play doesn't work the ball goes back out to the lead guard and it starts over until a basket is scored, a foul is called or the time clock runs out.

What is it called when pass that leads directly to the basket?

What you are referring to is known as an assist.

Which basketball team leads the NCAA in winning percentage?

womens basketball Tennessee mens basketball Memphis

ON a basketball team who leads the team on the floor in setting the strategy to score?

ON a basketball team the coach leads the team on the floor in setting the strategy to score

Can you show me a diagram of a standard basketball court?

Goto the Related Links and the link leads to a diagram of a basketball court.

What is the bedlam basketball record?

oklahoma leads the series 127-93

Who leads the series between duke and North Carolina in basketball?

North Carolina

Where do you get the rare flower in nabooti?

go up the far left side of the waterfall, where the basket leads and there will be a blue lily

What is the all time record between Kentucky and Duke basketball?

according to the duke basketball site ....... Kentucky leads the series 12-8.

What San Antonio Spurs star leads the argentinian basketball team?

Manu Ginobili

Who leads the ncaa men's basketball in double doubles?

Michael Beasley of Kansas State

Which basketball term is defined as pass to a teammate that leads directly to a field goal?


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