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a foul?

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Q: What is an infraction in basketball?
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What is the most serious infraction in basketball?


What is the suffix of infraction?


If you have only an infraction and are asked if you have a misdemeanor would you say no?

If by "infraction" you mean a traffic infraction, you could answer NO to the misdemeanor.

Does an infraction go on your permanent record?

An infraction does go on your permanent record. There are many infractions that can be committed such as criminal infraction, traffic infractions and misdemeanors.

Infraction in a sentence?

The man made a very big infraction when he was drinking and driving.

What is a class a infraction?

a class A infraction is when you are faceing a 10 to 15 year sentence

Is Vandalism an infraction?

It is.

Can you file a civil suit against a police officer if you were given a summons by him?

No. Serving a summons is not in and of itself an infraction of your rights.No. Serving a summons is not in and of itself an infraction of your rights.No. Serving a summons is not in and of itself an infraction of your rights.No. Serving a summons is not in and of itself an infraction of your rights.

What is a first-degree infraction also known as?

A first degree infraction is also known as what?

A sentence for infraction?

The word infraction means a minor offence or a violation. Here's an example :)The boy made an infraction for cheating off of another child's test.

What does dubble-dribbled mean?

double dribbled is a basketball term - meaning the ball has been held during a dribble. In effect dribbled, held and then dribbled again. This is an infraction of the rules of basketball and results in the opposing team being given the ball.

Does an traffic infraction raise auto insurance rates?

Depends on what the infraction is and your previous driving record.

Is a DUI an infraction?

Yes, Driving Under The Influence is an Infraction and should always be declared as one.

How can you use the word infraction in a sentence?

Example sentence - Although the ticket was for a minor infraction, it was expensive.

What are the ratings and certificates for Infraction - 2012?

Infraction - 2012 is rated/received certificates of: Sweden:15

What NCAA basketball team has the most NCAA violations?

That would be a tie between schools including UNLV, Baylor, and Kansas. Contrary to the last answer, Kentucky does not lead in this category, and in fact had only one serious case of an infraction in the Mills incident. The University has not suffered any other major infraction.

What does infraction mean?

a violation

What are some synonyms for the term 'infraction'?

There are many synonyms for the term "infraction", breach, breaking, crime and offense. Trespass, transgression, sin and lapse are also synonyms of the term "infraction".

What is a sentence using the word infraction?

Drinking and driving is a major infraction, and usually results in an arrest. Some colleges place students on probation for even a minor infraction of the curfew rules. The defense was offsides on the play, and this infraction gave the other team a first down.

Is 16028A an infraction or a misdemeanor?

It's an infraction. I know because I just called Santa Clara courts to check on my old driving abstract. Thought it was was a misdemeanor, was told it's an infraction. Whew!!

Use infraction in a sentence?

Cell phones are an infraction in school, because they are very distracting, and take away from your learning.

Is failure to yield a crime?

No, it is an infraction.

Is a speeding ticket a misdermeanor?

No - infraction.

What is the penalty for offsides in football?

It is an indirect kick for the defending team from the spot of the infraction (usually where the offside line was when the infraction occurred).

What is the meaning of infraction?

The act of infracting or breaking; breach; violation; nonobservance; infringement; as, an infraction of a treaty, compact, rule, or law.