What is an incompletion?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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An incompletion is a pass that is not caught by the offense or defense. A pass that is caught by the defense is called an interception. A pass that is caught by the offense is called a reception.

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Q: What is an incompletion?
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What is the meaning of incompletion?

Want of completion; incompleteness.

What finishes daydream forget and omit?

Incompletion, distraction, negligence.

When a receiver does not catch a pass what is it called?

An incomplete pass. Unless a member of the defense catches it, then it's an interception.

In the California drought of the late seventies which northern dam brought a lot of controversy over its incompletion?

The Auburn Dam near Auburn CA

What do you call a football pass thrown beyond the line of scrimmage?

A pass--if caught then it's a completion and if it's dropped then an incompletion.

Is a lateral considered a fumble if the defense recovers the ball?

A lateral pass that hits the ground is a fumble, and if the defense recovers, it is a turnover. If the receiver drops the ball after he catches a lateral pass, it is considered an incompletion.

Can an NFL game end while ball is in play?

No. As long as you snap the ball while there is still time on the clock, the game can't end until the play is over. If you snap it with 1 second to go and throw an incompletion but there is a penalty on the defense, you get another play. (The game can not end on a defensive penalty)

On fourth down where the ball is inside the defensive team's twenty yard line and a pass is thrown incomplete that lands in the end zone does the ball come out to the twenty on change of possession?

the ball is placed where ever the line of scrimage is or if you gained a few yard but not the first down it would be placed there

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Any rookie qb have thrown a pass in a Super Bowl?

Through Super Bowl XLIII, only one. Elvis Grbac of the San Francisco 49ers threw one pass, an incompletion, in Super Bowl XXIX against the San Diego Chargers. Grbac came in the game with 6:08 left in the 4th quarter and the 49ers ahead, 49-18. The 49ers ultimately won the game 49-26. There has been one other rookie quarterback to take a snap from center in a Super Bowl and that was Mike Rae of the Oakland Raiders in Super Bowl XI. He entered the game with 4:49 left in the 4th quarter and the Raiders ahead, 32-7. He did not throw any passes. The Raiders ultimately won the game 32-14.

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