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Q: What is an illegal touching using your arm in soccer?
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Can you play soccer with an arm cast?

Yes-i have played softball with a broken arm so soccer could be elligible

Is it illegal to drive with arm in a sling?


Is it a penalty if the soccer call hit your arm unintentionally?

i mean soccer ball

Is it illegal to stiff arm the opposing team in football?

No, it's not illegal.

Is an arm bar illegal in high school wrestling?

Yes, this is an illegal move in high school wrestling because it can very easily break the opponents arm. You perform an arm bar by using something (such as your knee) to go under the opponents elbow. Then you grab hold of the opponents arm that your knee is under, and pull the way that it doesn't bend.

What does it mean to dream of a guy you like and you're touching his arm while talking to him in the dream?

it probably means you like him, to dream of him and be touching his arm probably means hes pretty special to you ;)

Can you use your arm in soccer?

no because you would break it

Is it illegal to break someones arm?

not unless you get caught

Is it illegal to drive with a broken arm in California?


What sport can you play with a broken arm?

Soccer Tennis Football

What is the illegal play in which a player strikes an opponent across the face or neck with an extended arm called?

It's not a soccer question, but the answer is a coat hanger! In American Football it is called 'clothes lining' the opponent.

Is it illegal to have your arm hanging out the car window in new zealand?

It is not illegal but it is very dangerous and foolish to do so.

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