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it's referred to traditionally as a 'one-timer'

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Q: What is an ice hockey shot called that occurs when a player meets a teammate's pass with an immediate slap shot without any attempt to control the puck from his or her stick?
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Arms control definition?

An attempt to keep those who abide by an agreement without arms so those who disregard the agreement may gain control.

What does the deadman control do?

The deadman control prevents hand injuries that can occur when operators attempt to clear the chute of wet grass without shutting down the engine.

Where do you get penicillin for your horse?

From a vet. If pennicillin gets directly into a horse's bloodstream, even a small amount will send them into anyphalactic shock and kill them without IMMEDIATE vetetrinary intervention. Do not attempt to give pennicillin yourself.

What does immediate mean?

Immediate means right away or without delay

What part of speech is the word immediate?

as in occurring without delay, 'immediate' is an adjective.

What is the goal of patient-controlled analgesia?

The purpose of PCA is improved pain control. The patient receives immediate delivery of pain medication without the need for a nurse to administer it.

What do you need to check first if the cruise control on a 1992 Ford Escort just stopped working?

DO NOT EVEN ATTEMPT TO REPAIR THIS. Take it to a professional, because it is an extremely complex repair; if you attempt this, you could end up without a car.

What is the immediate cause of a fixed action pattern?

it is the immediate ability to preform important tasks without practice

How do you switch from the birth control pill to Depo-Provera?

To switch from the birth control pill to Depo PRovera, just get the shot at any time without missing your scheduled birth control pills. You'll have immediate protection from the day of the shot, as long as you took the pills as scheduled in the weeks before.

How do you make a sentence using attempt?

I attempt to the party without being invited.

Why was control of the Gulf of Mexico important to Spain?

Without control of the Gulf of Mexico, there would be no way to ensure that the silver mined in northern Mexico could make it safely to Spain. There were numerous pirates who would attempt to steal this valuable cargo.

Can you go from the nuva ring to pills without the initial waiting period for pills?

Yes, if you start the birth control pill on the day you were to insert the next ring (or earlier), you don't need to use a backup method of birth control for the first seven days; you will have immediate protection.

What is immediate?

without delay right away NOW

What is the adverb form of immediate?

The adverb form of the adjective immediate is immediately (right now, without delay).

How do you exterminate a gopher?

An arrangement with a local government's or professional company's animal control unit is the way to exterminate a gopher. Extermination without governmental or professional services requires personal agility and protective equipment as well as an understanding of appropriate control measures. It tends to be best not to attempt these measures on one's own and without proper approval, just as one would not try to burn brush without contacting local dispatch.

What is the definition of immediate release tablet?

An immediate release tablet is a pill that acts without delay. In other words a stupid fast acting med. :)

What was the immediate cause?

THIS IS ZE REAL ANSWER: Immediate cause is the final act in a series of provocations that leads to a particular result or event. This would directly produce the result without intervention of any further provocation. Immediate cause means the action that resulted in the consequence.

In l4d2 what happens if you stay on the bridge to long?

If you stay on the bridge nothing will happen unless you are playing online where your other teammates will leave on the helicopter without you

Can a male and female betta fish be together in the same tank without a divider?

The male will attempt to spawn with her. If successful he will kill her when spawning has been completed if she is not removed. If she does not show willing to spawn he will kill her anyway. A male Betta will not tolerate another Betta of either sex living in its immediate vicinity.

What recovery method assumes that a tactical situation permits recovery with the forces at hand without detailed planning or coordination?

Immediate recovery assumes this. Immediate recovery focuses on the best way to deal with the situation at hand without necessarily following every distinct protocol.

What muscles move without conscious control?

Involuntary muscles are those that move without conscious control.

Who demonstrate divided loyalty or allegiance to the U.S. may attempt to access sensitive information without what?

Employees who demonstrate divided loyalty or allegiance to the U.S. may attempt to access sensitive information without what?

What makes you a good team worker?

To be reliable and follow through on your tasks. To effectively communicate with your teammates. To be a good listener. To be able to put your point of view across without alienating anyone else.

Managers who attempt to without a plan find themselves reorganizing on regular basis?


Is it possible to convert a car without cruise control to have cruise control?

It is possible to convert a car without cruise control to have cruise control. Many auto parts stores sell kits which will install cruise control in a vehicle.