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Perhaps the most famous interjection in comics and Cartoons today is Charlie Brown's "Good Grief!"

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Q: What is an example sentence with the word interjection?
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How do you Make a sentence using the word interjection?

Interjection! Wow, that was a surprising turn of events.

Which word is an interjection in this sentence Oh she forgot to mention it!?

The "Oh" is the interjection.

Is WOW a preposition?

No, "WOW" is not a preposition. "WOW" is an interjection expressing surprise or admiration in written form.

Is interjection a compound word?

No, "interjection" is not a compound word. It is a standalone word that refers to a part of speech used to express emotions or add emphasis in a sentence.

What are some example sentences for interjection?

Wow, that was an amazing performance! Ouch, that hurt! Hooray, we won the game! Oops, I dropped my phone.

Is it proper English to start a sentence with the word oh?

Yes, it is proper English to start a sentence with the word "oh." This interjection can be used at the beginning of a sentence to express a range of emotions or to call attention to something specific.

What is a word or pharse added to a sentence for emphasis is called what?

An interjection or modifier perhaps.

Which word in the following sentence is an interjection Wow aren't computers amazing?


What word class is 'no'?

'No' can be classified as an adverb, determiner, or interjection depending on its usage in a sentence.

What is interjection noun?

An interjection is a word or expression that conveys emotion or a sudden feeling, such as "Wow!" or "Ouch!" It is not a noun in the traditional sense, as it does not serve as a subject or object in a sentence, but rather adds emotion or emphasis to a statement.

An interjection is always?

An interjection is always a word or phrase used to express emotion or surprise. It is typically set apart from the rest of the sentence with an exclamation point or comma.

What word is the interjection in the following sentence Hey Nathan do not run so quickly?