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Two come to mind, the ball slows down as it goes further down the alley.

as the ball spins, the friction generated causes the ball to curve.

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Q: What is an example for friction using bowling balls?
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What is an example of rolling friction?

Wheels, ball bearings, the Egyptians building the pyramids using tree trunks to move the stones. An example of rolling friction would be like a skateboard rolling on a sidewalk. car running up a hill. someone pushing a wheel barol A bowling ball

Using lubricants on engine parts is an example of reducing what?


Can we eliminate friction completely?

No. Whenever two objects touch, even in the slightest degree, there will be friction. We minimize friction using lubricants such as oil or graphite, or by reducing the amount of drag that is happening; for example, using a wheel instead of a skid.

How is using a pencil an example of friction?

Because it's friction that rubs the graphite off the pencil on to the paper to make the words you write.

How can friction be reduced while playing bowling?

If you are speaking of the ball friction on the lane, it can be reduced by the lane oil used by the center lane maintenance crew or reduced by using ball that has been sanded with fine sand paper grit and polished.

What is the noun for bowling?

The word bowling is a noun, a verbal noun called a gerund (using the -ing form of a verb as a noun). Example sentence:Bowling is my father's favorite sport.

What is an example of a scientist using a physical model to describe the solar system?

One example would be a scientist using tennis balls to show the position of the planets and the sun.

Where does friction get used?

Everywhere, for example sitting on your chair, walking, using a mode of transport.

Some ways to reduce friction are by using or applying what?

There are a few ways to reduce friction. For example one can apply water or oil to the surfaces that are rubbing together.

How can friction be reduced between two surfaces?

A lubricant such as oil, grease, graphite powder or PTFE can reduce the friction between two surfaces. Or using metal balls to space them and reduce the contact surface area as used in ball bearings.

What kind of friction can help reduce friction?

I never heard of friction reducing friction. You can reduce friction by using lubricants, as well as using wheels (as in ball bearings).

What are the kind of two friction?

There are two types of friction : static friction and kinetic friction. Static friction occurs when two objects are touching but are not moving relative to each other. For example, static friction can prevent a box from sliding down a slope. The static friction between this box and the slope (and between any objects) can be calculated using the equation : Fs = µsN where µs is the coefficient of static friction and N is the normal force. Kinetic friction occurs when two objects are touching and moving relative to each other. For example, the kinetic friction slows down a box sliding down a slope. Also, when two surfaces rub together, there is kinetic friction. The kinetic friction can be calculated using the equation: Fk= µkN where µk is the coefficient of kinetic friction and N is the normal force.

Why do walkers have tennis balls attached to them?

The tennis balls serve several purposes. They make it easier for the walker to slide across the floor, rather than the friction from the rubber bottoms. They also prevent scuff marks on the floor. The tennis balls on walkers serve a dual purpose. First, they allow the person that is using the walker to

What is 9 pin bowling?

in 9-pin bowling you are only using 9 pins instead of 10

What is example of useful friction?

hi there! not sure what you mean by "useful friction" but I'm guessing that you're asking "what examples are there where friction is useful" A simple example is that of sandpaper. Where you need to smoothen something and using a smooth (ie frictionless sandpaper) would be useless. A more day to day example would include the friction between your shoes and the ground without which you would be unable to walk with (like skating on ice). In fact, friction is required for you to grab anything (even a book which would slip off your fingers without friction). As for an explicit use of friction there's "Friction Welding" where mechanical friction is used to weld metal together. An article may be found on our friend Wikipedia. How this helps anybody reading! Cheers!

How can you maximize or minimize friction?

Friction can be maximized or minimized in several ways depending on the material, device construction and purpose, for example:Minimizing friction of a circling axis can be made by bearings, which usually have rolling balls. Rolling has usually less friction than sliding.In slide systems, friction can be minimized in various ways such as:Polishing the surface of both sliding sides (the opposite will increase friction)Adding a liquid such as oil between them. Oil fills the micro gaps on the surfaces therefore creating a slippery surfaceUsing certain techniques, e.g. air insulation, magnetic insulation

How do skaters decrease sliding friction?

by using a lubricant to decrease the friction.

What is the helpful way friction affects a car?

By using kinetic friction

Can you increase or decrease friction using batting gloves?

You can describes the friction

Is juggling two balls considered juggling?

No, although there are many definitions of juggling, the one that i think is the best is throwing and catching more balls than you have hands. For example you have two balls and two hands, so it is not juggling. using 3 would be juggling as you have more object than hands. Although you may mean juggling two balls in one hand. in which case that is juggling as you are using one hand and tow balls

Softball science fair projects?

There are many projects that can be done using softballs. For example, a project can be done using the weight of the balls, and changes over time. A project could also be done on pitch speeds.

What force is using when you roll a bowling ball?


How do you find the coefficient of kinetic friction?

Coefficient of kinetic friction can be calculated by using the formula Coefficient of kinetic friction = Kinetic friction /Force

How do you overcome friction?

Friction is overcome by the addition of force. But there are some basic ways to avoid excess friction: 1) Reducing friction between moving surfaces by using lubricants such as powders, oil or water. 2) By using surfaces that have less friction such as plastic or teflon where the parts come together. 3) Change the sliding friction to rolling friction, using wheels, rollers, or ball bearings. 4) Reduce the weight of the object being moved across a surface. Less weight usually means less friction for any given surface.

How does reducing frictioninvolving movement apply to nursing?

If you are talking about nurse asst. then, reducing the friction on the patient while pulling them up in bed would help to prevent bed sores. For example: Using 2 people instead of 1, and using a pad to pull them up. Also,reducing or eliminating any other friction, or pressure, especially on the bony areas that lie on the bed. For example, floating the heels.