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Simply, an equestrian!

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Q: What is an equestrian competitor called?
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Who is the oldest female competitor in Olympics history?

British equestrian Lorna Johnstone

Who is the oldest competitor for New Zealand in the 2008 summer Olympics?

Mark Todd, Equestrian Rider, age 52.

What is the name of horse riding?

Horse riding is called Equestrian Horse riding is called Equestrian

What is an Equestrian sport called?

An Equestrian sport is the sport of horseback riding.

Who is the red competitor in tae kwon do sparring?

The red competitor is called "hong" (홍) The blue competitor is called "chung" (청)

Could a rider who is just learning to jump be called an equestrian?

The term"equestrian" is used for anyone who rides.

What is female equestrian called?

A 'mare.'

What is horseback riding called?

Equestrian sport .

Why called equestrian?

Because Equis means horse, leading to Equine meaning horse, and equestrian meaning horse back riding.

What is a person called who can ride a horse well?

A horse rider is called an equestrian.

A female horse back rider called?

an equestrian.

What is a competitor in a running contest called?


What is Katie prices horse clothing called?

KP Equestrian

What is Katie prices horse range called?

KP equestrian.

What do you callthe person that rides the horse in equestrian venues?

The person who rides a horse would be called either a equestrian or horse rider, but if the person only rides in shows, they may also be called show riders.

What is a person that rides a horse called?

A jockey is someone who races horses, an equestrian is someone who rides them.

Is there such thing as an equestrian decipline called horse hand or horseball?

Yes, it is called horse ball.

Is horse racing part of the Olympics?

Horse racing itself is not an olympic event. There are,however, equestrian events. The equestrian events comprise of equestrian showjumping, dressage and cross country. Cross country tests the jumping, bravery, speed and stamina of the horse. Dressage the control in walking,trotting and cantering. Showjumping reveals control, accuracy and athleticism. The competitor with the least penalties over the course of the event will be the winner. There are also different competitions for individuals who can compete in stadium jumping and dressage.

There is a equestrian disapline where you play in a team and use a ball what is it called?


What name is the circus announcer called?

Ringmaster, ringleader or Equestrian Director

Anyone who takes part in a competition?

He/She is called competitor or participant.

Where was equestrian invented?

Equestrian is the name given to all things done with horses. This is because horses are called equines. The word began being used predominantly in the mid-1800s.

What actors and actresses appeared in Big Brother Suomi - 2011?

The cast of Big Brother Suomi - 2011 includes: Siv Anita Aurstad as Competitor Oskar Elmgren as Competitor Liana Enckell as Competitor Matti Hallamaa as Competitor Amanda Harkimo as Competitor Terhi Hautala as Competitor Rami Hietaharju as Competitor Tamer Karabulut as Competitor Tia Kiuru as Competitor Janica Kortman as Competitor Netta Koskinen as Competitor Susanna Laine as Herself - Host Kaisa Metso as Competitor Minna Mononen as Competitor Salar Moraweji as Competitor Annika Niemi as Competitor Suvi Pehkonen as Competitor Mikael Perttula as Competitor Sebastian Tynkkynen as Competitor Veera Utriainen as Competitor Elina Viitanen as Herself - Host Tanja Westerlund as Competitor

What is the equestrian discipline where you play in a team and use a ball?

The Sport is called Polo.

What olympic sports start with e?

Yes. Its called Equestrian.