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An enforcer has the job of protecting his team from harm, a larger player who isn't afraid to fight. A sniper is the goal scorer, or if the player has a really good shot--accurate and hard.

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Q: What is an enforcer and a sniper on a hockey team?
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What do you call a violent hockey player?

An enforcer.

What are the release dates for Punched Out The Life and Death of a Hockey Enforcer - 2011?

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Who was the greatest hockey enforcer of all time?

John Ferguson

What do you call a hockey scorer?

You call a hockey scorer a Sniper

Canada hockey team what does it mean?

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What is a hockey enforcer?

A hockey enforcer is a player who engages in the most physical contact. He usually protects another player or just sets an example. Enforcers aren't considered dirty players. While they will fight and hit, they generally do so within the rules of the game.

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Who is a hockey player with three letters in his name and it begins with r?

Rob Ray. He was the enforcer for the Buffalo Sabres.

What starts with e in hockey?

empty net goalend-boardselbowingexhibition gameenforcer

Which ice hockey term is defined as player whose primary job is to protect teammates?

B. Enforcer

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