What is an away team?

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An away team is a team who is visiting another team's ground to participate in a sporting fixture.

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Q: What is an away team?
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Who is up to bat first home or away team?

Away team

Which team bats first in baseball?

the away team

What is an away side?

An away side is a team who is visiting another team's ground to participate in a sporting fixture.

What team bats first in a game of softball?

Away team

Does team meanie's Gengar join your team?

no, he runs away

What team bats first in a baseball game?

Away team

Which football team does not have tou wear an away shirt?

every single football team in the world has an away shirt.

How long does batting practice usually last and does the home or away team go first?

Home team goes first for an hour, away team follows for 40 minutes. Usually you can only see the full bp of the away team.

What actors and actresses appeared in Odd One In - 2010?

The cast of Odd One In - 2010 includes: Peter Andre as Himself - Home Team Chase Armitage as Himself - Wallflip Charlie Baker as himself Angellica Bell as Herself - Away Team Lynda Bellingham as Herself - Away Team Marcus Birks as Peter audrea Katy Brand as Herself - Away Team Luie Caballero as Luie from New York Julian Clary as Himself - Away Team Lukas DiSparrow as Handry The Hoover Master Caroline Flack as herself Craig Gazey as Himself - Away Team Angela Griffin as Herself - Away Team Eamonn Holmes as Himself - Away Team Russell Kane as himself Michelle Keegan as herself Lorraine Kelly as Herself - Away Team Ruth Langsford as Herself - Away Team Donal MacIntyre as Himself - Away Team Jason Manford as Himself - Home Team Steve McCarten as Mockney Cockney Brendan McCoy as The Scotsman Freddie Merrydown as The Biker Sarah Millican as Herself - Away Team Stephen Mulhern as Himself - Away Team Adele Silva as herself Joe Swash as Himself - Away Team Morrison Thomas as Royal Santa John Thomson as himself Carol Vorderman as Herself - Away Team

Was the Indianapolis Colts the away or home team?

They were considered the "Home" Team.

Does home or away team take batting practice first?

Home Team does.

How does a team get rewarded points for home and away games in leg matches?

If the team A scores more away goals (i.e. at team B's home), and the aggregate score (total score) turns out the same, team A wins the round. However, if the exact same scoreline is replicated in both matches in favour of the away team (or home team), then penalties will decide the winner.

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