What is an automatic ball in baseball?

Updated: 10/26/2022
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An automatic ball is called a "balk." That means that the pitcher took 40 seconds or more to get rid of the pitch, and thus is an automatic ball.

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Q: What is an automatic ball in baseball?
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When was the automatic ball shooter invented?


Jugs pitching machine is what type of equipment?

Jugs pitching machines are used by Baseball and Soft Ball players. This machine is an automatic piece of equipment that launches a ball at a team member learning to bat, or practising batting.

Is the ego11 paint ball gun fully automatic?

Yes, it is electric with the ability to shoot in ramping or "automatic".

In softball what is a force?

A force is when there is an automatic out at the base if the ball is thrown there

Can you scratch a cue ball on purpose when your opponent has their ball below the area so that they can't hit it directly?

No it becomes automatic ball in hand

Can a player throw there hockey stick to save a ball?

No. If you do, it is an automatic goal.

Who throws the ball in baseball?

usually the pitcher but evry body throwes the ball

What is on the inside if a baseball ball?

a ball XD

Is there automatic time out after base on balls in baseball?

No. After a base on balls, or a walk, the ball is still in play. That leads to a common "trick" used often in sub-professional ball where the batter will jog to first after a walk and continue to second. When the fourth ball of an at bat is a passed ball, the batter can try and stretch the walk to second base. Both of these moves are legal.

What is Wiffel Ball?

Wiffel Ball is a backyard sport when you use a baseball bat and a plastic ball, basically like baseball.

Which ball is bigger a rugby ball or an American baseball?

A rugby ball

Other than ground rule double what other terms can be used?

Automatic double. Technically, what is often called a ground rule double is not a ground rule double at all, but an automatic double. All baseball fields can have what are called ground rules. These are rules that are specific to that ball field. For example, a ball that lodges in the ivy on the outfield wall at Wrigley Field in Chicago is a double. Then there are the rules that pertain to all ball parks and are described in the rule book. For example, any fair ball that bounds over an outfield fence is a double. This would be an automatic double, although it is commonly referred to as a ground rule double.