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value for patrick roy rookie card signed

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Q: What is an autographed Patrick Roy rookie card worth?
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What is the value of a darrell green autograghed rookie card?

I don't know the value of an autographed rookie card of Darrell Green, but a regular rookie card of Darrell Green would be worth about $30.00. The worth of the autographed card would be up to the buyer of the card.

How much is a Patrick Ewing rookie card worth?

Sports card values vary greatly depending on condition. For example a Patrick Ewing rookie basketball card could have a value between $20 and $100, with autographed ones going for several hundred dollars.

What is Darryl Sittler's autographed Rookie card worth?


How much is an autographed Derek Jeter rookie card worth?


How much is a autographed brian urlacher rookie card worth?


How much is a Jeff Gordon rookie card worth?

If autographed, an authentic card could be worth 150.00 or more.

What is the value of a Patrick Ewing rookie card?

I would say a mint Patrick ewing rookie card would be worth about 250 dollars

How much is an autographed Derrick Thomas rookie card worth?


What is a personally autographed Herman Moore rookie card worth?

its a personally autographed STAR rookie card, autographed w a blue sharpie by Herman himself and given 2 me as a young kid by hermans wife! I think its a topps brand!

What is the value of a Patrick ewing card?

Sports card values vary greatly depending on the card condition and the year the card was produced. Patrick Ewing had many basketball cards. Some are worth very little, while autographed copies of his rookie card are value between $600 and $800.

How much would a nick lidstrom rookie card autographed be worth in mint condition?

Autographed rookies cards are only worth what his signature is worth .Never get a rookie card signed,it brings it's value down cause it's no longer mint with writing on it

What is an autographed martin brodeur rookie card worth?

About 15-30 dollars depending on condition of the card

How much is a terrell Davis rookie card worth?

This card can be worth anywhere from $2.50 to around $50.00 a card. An autographed card is worth much more than a regular card.

What is the value of a shaquille o'neal autograph rookie card?

The value of a mint condition Shaquille O'neal autographed rookie card is worth a good $60.00+

How much is a autographed Patrick Ewing card worth?

UP TO 250.00

What is the value of an autographed OJ Simpson rookie card?

worth bout 750 bucks

What would the value be of an autographed O-Pee-Chee 1978-79 Wayne Gretzky Rookie Card?

You should never ever get a rookie card autographed. It is a no no in the hobby. By doing so you have made the card worth the autograph only. In other words even though the card may book at $900 in the price guide, this autographed Gretzky rookie is only worth the value of the autograph. So you are looking at a value of somewhere between $50-$100.

How much is a john stockton rookie card worth?

Exactly of july 6 2012 it is worth 679.50 unautographed autographed it worth 3 times as much

How much is a wyane gretkzy rookie card worth?

it depends how old the card is and what year it is to know how much it's worth maybe when he dies it would be worth alot or if it was autographed by him originally

How much is a Mario Lemieux junior pro autographed rookie card in mint condition worth?

5,000 yeun

How much is your rookie Alexander Ovechkin autographed Parkhurst card worth?

They have been listed from 599.00 to 750.00 on the internet.

How much are hockey cards worth?

It depends on what card it is. For an example, retired player cards are worth more. An autographed Wayne Gretzky rookie card would be worth much more than an autographed Sidney Crosby rookie card. If you just want a pack from stores they are worth 2-10$. If you're selling at a yard sale maybe 20-50 cards for 1$, yet again depending on the player.

What is the value of an autographed Bobby Orr rookie card?

Answerits worth about 900 waohs US

What is Bobby Orr's Rookie Card that was taken in 1965 when he was 17 years old doing a guest appearance as a Toronto Marlie Worth?

Orr's rookie card is the 1966 Topps #35.

How much would a signed Eli Manning football card be worth?

It depends on the year. An Eli Manning autographed rookie card would be worth about $50. Anything after is pretty much worthless.