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toxophilite: a lover of Archery; one devoted to archery.

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Q: What is an archery enthusiast or archer called?
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Related questions

What are people doing archery called?

a person doing archery is called an archer.

A name for someone who does archery?

They would be called an archer.

What is the Japanese word for archery or archer?

archery - アーチェリーarcher - 射手

What is a person who plays archery called?

An Archer. Just for the record, you do not "Play" at archery, it is a serious, highly skilled sport!

What sport does an archer do?


Is archery 'played' or 'practised'?

Archery is practised but not played, you shot archery you don't play archer

What is the word for someone who loves archery?

An archer is someone who enjoys archery.

What do you call a person who does archery?

an archer

What do you call a person who has specialised in archery?

A person who does archery and specializes in it might be an archer.

Who is the first Indian archer to get Guinness world record for India in archery from which club and who is the coach for that Archer?

The 1st Indian archer to get Guinness world record for India in archery is Kaustubh Bhosle and he is from Mumbai, Sagittarius Archery, Prabodhan Archery Centre, and his Coach is Subhash Nair

What is the name of a person participating in archery?

An archer.

What do you call a person who plays archery?

An archer

What do you call someone who practices archery?

An archer

What is the Latin word for archery or archer?

The Latin word for an archer is "Sagittarius", (plural "Sagittarii") Hence the name of the Zodiac sign "The Archer" Archery itself in Latin is "Toxophilus" an archer is sometimes refered to today as a "Toxophologist" which is incorrect, and a bad mixture of Latin and Greek!

Where can archery be played?

Archery can be "played" in almost any field (archery isn't really "played", as with football or baseball, though; archery is "done"), but it is usually done at what is called an archery range. A range is where a series of targets are set up at various distances from the archer, and all the archers using the range shoot from the same place (or line). This way, one archer will not be shooting while another archer is in front of him/her, eliminating the possibility of someone being shot with an arrow. Ranges can be set up both outdoors and a in building, so that archery can be done year-round.

Is archery fun?

It depends on your interest, it is fun and entertainment for some, but a passion for a professional Archer. Good Archery equipments are very important to become a professional archer, you can get best archery supplies and tips online at Safford Sporting Goods.

Does archery require strength?

Archery doesn't require strength, it needs skills and determination. You can become a good archer by improving Archery skills with lots of practice. You will find best archery supplies at Mathews archery.

What is a ballet enthusiast called?

A ballet enthusiast is called a "balletomane".

A bow finger should be protected by a peace of leather or a glove what is the leather called?

The piece of leather or glove that protects the bow finger is called an Archer tab. These tabs are used in archery to protect the archer's fingers from the bow draw.

What makes a good archer?

Find the nearest archery club to you and join,they will have trained coaches that will help make you a good archer

What constellation is the archer?

sagittarius is the constellation of archery

What do you call a bowling enthusiast?

A bowling enthusiast is called a "kegler."

What is another word for a person that likes archery?

If they Shoot archery, most people would say an Archer or Bowmen. For the geeky turn use toxophilite.

23k archers can beat 12k archer towers?

yes. if you have good lvl archery

Was Robin Hood good at archery?

As the story goes he was a master archer as were many of his companions.

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