What is an aquathlon?

Updated: 12/9/2022
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An aquathlon is a race which consists of swimming and running.

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Q: What is an aquathlon?
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When was ITU Aquathlon World Championships created?

ITU Aquathlon World Championships was created in 1998.

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What sport starts with the letter 'a' in Spanish?

Ala delta, acrobacia, acuatión, alpinismo, artes marciales, atletismo and automovilismo are examples of sports whose spelling starts with the letter "a" in Spanish. They respectively translate as "hang gliding," "acrobatics," "aquathlon," "mountain climbing," "martial arts," "track" and "car racing" in English. Their respective pronunciations will be "A-la THEL-ta," A-kro-VA-sya," "A-kwa-TLON," "AL-pea-NEE-smo," "AR-teys mar-SYA-leys," "AT-ley-TEE-smo" and "OW-to-MO-vee-LEE-smo" in Uruguayan Spanish.