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Someone who does not get paid for a sport which they play

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Q: What is an amateur athlete?
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What is an athlete that is not paid?

An amateur

How do you used amateur in a sentence?

The word 'amateur' can be both a noun and an adjective noun use- i am an amateur adjective use- an amateur athlete

What would be considered as someone being an amateur?

An amateur can come from many different fields. An amateur athlete is someone who has not been in any professional productions. An amateur artist has not sold a painting.

How much is a 1938 copy of the amateur athlete worth?

50 cents

What is something you can be an amateur at?

The word "amateur" is from the French meaning "lover of". An amateur, by the origin of the word, means to do something for the love of it. Therefore, one may be an amateur chorister, athlete, musician, photographer, painter, collector - virtually anything at all.

What is a shamateur athlete?

A sports player who makes money from sporting activities though classified as amateur.

Where do you get a rob dyrdek board?

well personally i get all my decks at amateur athlete. and from c.c.s mags.

What is the highest salary paid to an athlete under the Gaelic Athletic Association?

None, The Athletes have always been amateur

Can you be a professional athlete to be in Olymipics?

Originally specifically for amateur athletes, the Olympics began allowing professionals to compete in 1986.

What is the difference between professional sports and amateur sports - what do these terms mean?

A Professional Athlete simply receives compensation (Payment) for any efforts whereas an amateur cannot accept any sort of compensation.

Does this paying for medals create a problem for athletes who want to keep their amateur status an athlete who will be going to college might want to participate at the college in sports?


What is the difference between professional and ametuer athlete?

a professional athlete has many experience during the time he played and are those athletes that receives payment for their performance or play while the amateur athletes is a person who does not play for money but because of their passion or their hobby.

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