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Prescription goggles.

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2012-05-21 02:55:06
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Q: What is an alternative to wearing contacts while playing water polo?
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Why do people who wear contacts use saline solution instead of pure water to clean their contacts?

Because if you use real water it will burn your eyes and contacts wont.

Is there a better alternative to water pollution?

The better alternative is no water pollution for clean drinking water

What do you do when soap go in your eye contacts?

Take your contacts out right away! Then flush your eye with water.

You begin Water Polo in 2 weeks and you wear contacts What can you do to see in the water since goggles are banned and contacts are unsafe?

Play with contacts or get the "rec specs" from a athletic supply store that they sell for land sports

Can you swim with contacts?

Ultimately, it depends on what contacts you use and what your optometrist recommends. For most people with soft contacts (hard contacts are now rarely used and offered up), swimming is fine. However, the user should not attempt to open his eyes under the water as the contacts would then easily slip beyond the eye and be forever lost. When in the water, close your eyes when coming into contact with the water (i.e. going underneath the water, swimming across, splashing, etc.) to prevent the contacts from slipping out. When doing vigorous activity in the water (i.e. intense swimming, diving, etc.) where one comes into heavy contact with the water, using goggles would be the safest bet. The pressure of the water could easily push the contacts out.

What are contacts made of?

Silicon Hydrogel(99% water)

Can you put contacts in water?

It isn't recommended to put your contacts in water. Is it because you don't have any eye-contact solution to leave your contacts in at night? I tried that JUST ONCE overnight and nothing such as irritation occurred but I have heard that if you do leave your contacts in water, a bacteria will form called amoeba and could be extremely fatal and may cause even blindness. Same goes for swimming with contacts in your eyes. Definitely a no, just for your safety :)

Is water an alternative resource?

If you have water and you've never used it as a resource before then yes it is a alternative resource. eg. if your thinking of building a hydro-electric dam then water is an alternative energy resource to what ever you were using before.

Is it safe to swim in a pool with your contacts in a chlorinated pool?

If you do not get the face wet or go underwater, contacts should be fine. If you do get splashed or dunked they are unlikely to be flushed out, but they can hold chemicals present in the pool water against the eye for a longer period than would normally happen if you were not wearing them. Then it would be advisable to take them out! If you wear goggles that would be best!

What should you do when you jump into deep water while wearing a lifejacket?

what should you do when you jump into deep water when wearing a lifejacket

What will happen if you soak your contacts in water?

You die a slow and painful death.

What if you wear glasses can you play water polo?

Unless you only rarely need glasses, it would be wise to have some sort of contacts. I suggest either night contacts or one-use daily contacts.

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