What is an air supported dome?

Updated: 10/20/2022
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An air supported dome structure, a unique designed building..

That is clear span(no inside supports) and is totally supported by

air pressure! It has a strong anchoring system...that permits it

to be anchored to the asphalt, pavement, a floor,

a foundation, a wall or a roof!

It has any size or style doors (including steel revolving doors

or large loading entrances) that a normally framed into an air

lock room.(exception is a single steel emergency exit, with a

safety bar)

*they may be any size, from a small 30' round, up to a giant mega

dome arena...size 400' wide, by any length!

*they can be any basic color! Shape! Permanent or temporary!

*the meet all building, fire and safety codes...and are one of the

safest, with a wind-load, up to 200 mi.

Per hr!

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Q: What is an air supported dome?
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