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An air freshener is any of a variety of devices which contain substances which neutralize or mask unpleasant odours.

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Q: What is an air freshener?
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How are car air freshener made?

how are car air freshener made?

Who invented the air freshener?

Bob Surloff invented air freshener in 1946

Is air freshener an acid or alkali?

An air freshener is and alkali and it does kind of clean.

What happens if you hang up an air freshener in your car and you can smell it throughout your whole car?

You found an air freshener that works!

When you use room freshener the smell spreads throughout the room why?

the gas in the room freshener mixes with the air in the room and as air moves , the smell from the room freshener spreads through out the room

What is the chemical structure of an air fresher?

An air freshener is a mixture of many chemical substances, so there is no definitive chemical structure for an air freshener.

When was the first air freshener invented?

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How is the spraying of air freshener in a room similar to the big bang theory?

The similarity of spraying air freshener to the Big Bang is not very striking, however, both the universe, and the cloud of air freshener, originate in a small location and then expand outward.

Why does a solid air freshener loose mass and volume?

A solid air freshener loses mass and volume over time due to evaporation of the fragrant oils or other volatile components that give it its scent. As these components evaporate into the air, the weight and size of the air freshener decrease.

What is an alternative for an air freshener?

Open the windows

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Can you die if you sleep in air freshener?