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An ace occurs when a served ball lands on the other side of the court, within the service box, and the player on that side fails to even touch the ball with his racket.

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Q: What is an ace in tennis?
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In what sport can you serve an ace?


What is an unreturned serve in tennis called?

If the player is unable to hit the serve then it is an ace. But if the player hits the ball but does not return it, then it is a forced error.

What is the best Tennis simulator game on PC?

Full Ace tennis

What is an ace in softball?

There is no such thing as an ace in softball; you might be thinking of volleyball or tennis.

Is there such thing as a return ace in tennis?

You can only be awarded an ace when you serve the ball.

What comes after an ace in tennis?

tacos game

What is a winning tennis serve called?

An ace

Love ace and fault are from what sport?


A three letter word tops in tennis?


What nationality is tennis ace Rafael Nadal?


What is a serve that the receiver is unable to reach in Tennis?


Is this the best playing card for a tennis player?


Is it an ace in tennis if you hit the player in the body?

No, an ace is when you serve the ball so well that it can not be returned.

Where is can you get tennis shoes?

you can get tennis shoes in virtually every sporting goods store, or tennis store. such as big 5, tennis ace, etc.

What is a served shot that could not be returned by the opponent in Tennis called?

In tennis it's called a ace

How many points do you get for an ace in tennis?

Serving an ace in tennis is worth just as many points as serving, playing the point out, and winning it. In other words, one point.

What is an ace serve?

An ace serve occurs in tennis when the opponent does not even get his racket on the ball as it whizzes past him.

Which town does tennis ace Andy Murray come from?


What is the winning tennis serve called?

It is called a service ace!

Where can you play online Tennis Game?

Try for games called Tennis Ace, doubles and so on

What two ball sports use the term ace?

Tennis and baseball

What is a served shot in which the opponent could not return in tennis?

That is called an ace.

What sports use the term aces?

football/soccer Golf - An ace is a hole in one. Tennis - An ace is a serve that is not returned.

What is a good attention getter when writing about tennis?

Ace your serve with a glass of milk!

What is a legal serve called when the receiver cannot touch the ball in tennis?