What is an ace in basketball?

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== == The ace is the "main man". The ace is the best player on the team offensively. This is very important because if the ace scores a lot, he will be able to control the tempo of the game. An ace needs to have the ability to score at will with a variety of moves (jumpshots, driving in for dunks and layups, drawing fouls and to be able to finish the 3 point play, etc). When his team is down, he should be the one that inspires his team to make a comeback. A Basketball ace should also be able to get his teammates involved. Once the attention of the defense begins to center around him, it will be easier for his teammates to get open and make baskets. The ace should know when to score and when it is a better decision to pass off the ball. Examples of a basketball ace are Michael Jordan, Kobe Bryant, and Tracy McGrady. The word "ace," however, is almost never used at all anymore. "Ace" is typically a word for a good pitcher in baseball, not basketball. Ace may have been a term used before the 2000's, but after that year, that word is rarely associated with basketball.

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Q: What is an ace in basketball?
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