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Q: What is an acceptable professional behavior in the US?
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What is the difference between unacceptable behavior and acceptable behavior that's just a bit annoying?

The difference between unacceptable behavior and acceptable behavior that is a little annoying is unacceptable behavior is somtimes inappropriate and acceptable behavior that is a little annoying is appropriate behavior just annoying some people because of what you do.

Habits of acceptable behavior?

a vice

What is the definition of acceptable?

The word acceptable is an adjective. The definition of acceptable is suitable, allowable or agreeable. An example could be, the boy's behavior at school was not acceptable so he received detention.

How does family socialization teach the basic rules of attitudes of human behavior that are acceptable in your society?

Family socialization teaches children what is and is not acceptable in human relations. For example, when children see parent's treating each other poorly, they are shown that such behavior is acceptable.

What is behavior sanction?

Sanctioned behavior is often termed as authorized or acceptable behavior. An example of sanctioned behavior is the sanctioned behavior sports organizations enforce during game time.

What isnt acceptable behavior during Chinese New Year?


What is a funny sentence for acceptable?

Johnny's essay was written on a pizza box, which his teacher did not find acceptable. For a rented apartment, a rhino is not an acceptable house pet. What is acceptable behavior in a video game can get your face slapped in real life.

Is it acceptable to call men dicks isn't that seen as wrong?

It is not always acceptable to call men dicks. You can do it in private but not in a professional manner.

Define professional behavior?

A professional behaves the way he is expected to and not the way he feels

What does Acceptable behaviour mean?

Acceptable behavior refers to actions, attitudes, and mannerisms that are considered appropriate, respectful, and in line with societal norms and expectations. It is behavior that does not cause harm, discomfort, or offense to others.

Which of these is not acceptable behavior when going to a job interview?

Arrange for a friend to go to the interview with you.

What indicates that US businesses are demanding socially responsible behavior from their international suppliers?

1. Such businesses establish clear standards as to acceptable behavior by their suppliers. 2. They then establish an inspection program to test for that behavior. 3. Finally, they follow up on exceptions noted in the inspections and penalize those suppliers who do not comply.