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an honor roll is the list of the top pupils or student in a class.

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Q: What is an Honor Roll?
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Is honor roll higher than merit roll?

No, Honor Roll is higher. Honor Roll is with all grades of 90 and higher. Merit Roll is with all grades of 80 and higher.

How do you get on honor roll?

you have to get all a's for gold honor roll at the end of the term, or to get on honor roll, you have to get a's and b's at the end of the term.

What grade is Honor Roll?

If your on the honor roll it means that you have all As.

What is the award above honor roll?

the ultimate honor roll

Do you capitalize the word honor roll?

Only if you are referring to a specific honor roll.

How do you make honor roll in middle school?

B+ and up equals honor roll A+ equals high honor roll

What type of honor roll is it when you get A's and B's?

merit honor roll

What grade makes honor roll?

B+ or higher makes honor roll A- or higher makes high honor roll This is the grading system at our school

What is the difference between principal's honor roll and honor roll?

Principal honor roll means straight a's (4.0 gpa) or have one b (3.8) and honor roll means straight b's (3.0 gpa) or few b's

If you get an honor roll certificate what does it mean?

It Means that your Smart and got the honor roll of course and collages like that

Can you get a b plus and b minus in honor roll?

yes. in a b honor roll

What is the duration of Honor Roll film?

The duration of Honor Roll - film - is 1.55 hours.

What is superior honor roll?

A superior honor roll is an award given to you when you score 90% or higher on your GPA.

How do you get on senior honor roll?

== == you have to try your hardest to get All A's and you might be to get on it if you have a high B or middle B and if you cant make it on senior honor roll try to get on junior honor roll. == ==

What honor roll is a 3.8 GPA?

A GPA of 3.8 would usually be in the distinguished honor roll.

How do you spell honor roll?

That is the correct spelling of "honor roll" (list of top academic students).

When was Honor Roll - film - created?

Honor Roll - film - was created on 1992-08-26.

Can all A s and one C make honor roll?

not ab or straight a honor roll

Is honor society or honor roll better?

Honors society means you are taking harder classes. Honor roll is getting better grades.

What are honor roll grades?

honor roll grades are anything from B- to A+ sooo u can have all B- 's and still get honor roll if u want high honor roll you can either have all A's or you can have more A's then B's it kinda ranges from school districts - hope it helped! :)

What is the probability that a student does not make honor roll if 3 out of 5 students make honor roll?


Will a 3.84 GPA get you on principals honor roll?

Yes, Honor roll: 3.00-3.60 Principles Honor roll: 3.60-4.00 Good job,

What is a honor roll award for?

At my school we get on a honor roll if we are good for the term like not being late and being prepared

What words and phrases end with roll?

Barrel Roll, Spring Roll, Bed Roll, Bread Roll, Honor Roll, Egg Roll, I'm on a roll

What is the plural form of the word roll of honor?

Rolls of honor.

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