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Q: What is an Effanbee Babe Ruth Doll from 1982 worth?
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How much are effanbee dolls worth?

Effanbee dolls' prices can change from being priceless, to being about $2,000 dollars. It just depends on what condition the doll is in. Hope this helps.

How much is a Cabbage Patch Kids corn silk kids doll worth 1982 with papers?

One million dollars

When was A Doll's Life created?

A Doll's Life was created in 1982.

what is the meaning of Babe?

An infant; a young child of either sex; a baby., A doll for children.

What is the worth of cabbage patch doll?

how much is a cabbage patch kids doll worth its a babys first haircut doll

How rare is your my child doll?

I have a porcelian baby doll Royal Doulton tableware LTD 1982 Firstborn Collectors doll D N 20 trying to find out what she is worth in the market today? My email address is so if u have the answer could u email me please.

When was Satan's Baby Doll created?

Satan's Baby Doll was created in 1982.

How much is an American girl 'Samantha' doll worth?

The American girl doll Samantha is worth 100$ but now she'' worth about 200$

How much is the Martha Ashley belle doll worth?

How much the Martha Ashley Belle doll is worth depends on the design and condition of the doll. Such dolls are worth between 5 and 250 US dollars.

How do you say hottie in Hungarian?

Baba (the word for babe or doll, used as an adjective, like: 'Very doll' : nagyon baba) BombázóÁlomnő

How much is a Raggedy Ann doll worth?

how much do a 1977 raggedy ann doll worth today

How much is a 1950's sarold doll worth?

How much is a 1950's sarold doll worth?

How much is a celia cruz doll worth?

celia cruz doll by maryse nicole how much is it worth

How much is a Franklin Mint Porcelain Marie-Antoinette doll worth?

how much is a 1985 franklin heirloom doll marie antoinette porceilin doll worth and do u have a picture

How much is a spice girl doll worth?

The spence girl doll would be worth about 5$ BUt It can be up to $10.00

What nicknames does Kimberly Page go by?

Kimberly Page goes by The Diamond Doll, and The Booty Babe.

How much is a Ashley belle genuine porcelain doll worth?

How much is a guinuine Pearl # 1351 Ashley doll worth

What is the value of a Babe Ruth doll in great condition?

There are many Babe Ruth dolls that have been made over the years both vintage and modern. If you contact me with more details I could help you out. Here are a few examples of Babe Ruth Dolls selling on eBay. Babe Ruth 1979 Hallmark Famous American series doll with box -$20.00-$30. Starting Lineup MBL 12" Cooperstown collectibles Babe Ruth doll $30.- $50. BABE RUTH 'THE 60TH HOME RUN DOLL" IS A FIRST ISSUE IN THE LEGENDS OF BASEBALL COLLECTION FROM THE ASHTON-DRAKE LEGENDS SERIES. DESIGNED BY FAMED ROMANIAN ARTIST TITUS TOMESCU. SCULPTURE OF RUTH CELEBRATING HIS RECORD BREAKING 60TH ROUND TRIPPER HIT SEPT 30, 1927.$100.-$200. For more information on Babe Ruth Bobble Head Dolls and others visit the link I left below

What is a word that means a beautiful young woman?

Babe, dish, hottie, doll, honey, beauty, etc.

How do you say Hey babe In French?

"Salut bébé" (hello baby) or "salut poupée" (hi, doll)

How much is a 1951 lorrie doll worth?

Determining the worth of a Lorrie doll requires examining a number of factors, including the year the doll was made, the condition it's in, and whether it is in its original packaging.

What is dancing James Brown doll worth?

ames brown doll wroth

How much is the brandy doll worth?


What is the value of Michael Jackson doll?

Depending on the condition that the doll is in, a Michael Jackson doll could be worth hundreds of dollars.

How much is your cabbage patch kid worth?

It would depend on the condition of the doll and the year it was made. This is because if you had a doll that no longer had a head it would be worth way less than a doll in mint condition.