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when another player makes a pass to the player who scores so pretty much just sets up the goal for them....assists them in scoring.

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2008-10-01 15:03:17
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Q: What is an 'assist' in football?
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How many points is an assist worth in football?

3+10-9-6+100-98= Amount of points.

What constitues an assist in football?

It is when a player directly passes, or crosses a ball to the goal scorer. However for some own goals can be assisted

Does girls playing football effect women rights?

It is a total misconception that playing football effect women rights. Rather, this would strengthen their physical and mental set up and assist them in the long run.

Can you bounce a football against the flag poles in a football match?

yes, you can and the ball would still count as being in play, so theoretically the corner flag could get an assist for a goal, if you tried hard enough

Is a reception in the end zone followed by fumble still a touchdown?

Depends weather he had possesion of the football and had 2 feet in bounds. If in fact he did not have both of those things then the play would be blown dead anyway. the player has to maintain possesion of the football and the ground can not assist in the catching of the football.

Assist in or assist with?

Icd assist in

What is assist called in basketball?

An assist in basketball is just an assist.

Is it legal in NFL football for one player to drag another across the goal line?

"No player on offense may assist a runner except by blocking for him." -From NFL rules digest.

How many assist has mia hamm had?

193 assist

Which is correct assist in or assist with?

AnswerBoth, according to the usage.

What is the suffix of assist?

suffix of assist

Is it correct to say assist to?

It is not correct to say "assist to". You would use this: I can assist you with your homework. The word assist would need to have a subject since it is a verb. The word 'to' is not a subject.

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