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Wayne Gretzky scored 92 goals in the 1981-82 season

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Q: What is all time single season record for goals in the NHL?
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Who hel the all time home run record and the single season home run record at the same time?

Barry Bonds* Holds both records. He broke Hank Aaron's record of homers in 2007 and has 762 and broke McGwire's single-season record in 2001 and has 73. But note the asterisk.

How many goals have Manchester city scored this season?

In total they have scored 91 goals in all competitions this season. I'll breakdown where the scored theme here. Premier League:63 Goals FA Cup: 4 Goals League Cup: 7 Goals Champions League/Europa League: 14 Goals Other Matchs: 3 Goals

How many goals did Pele score in 1959 copa America?

Pelé has scored the all time highest number of goals during a single season 1959 .how many goals did he score?

Who holds the record for the most goals scored in a single Premier League Season?

The are predominately two answers to this question.The FA Premier League season was split into 42 games, and then in the 1995-96 it was reduced to 38 games in a league season.The current record holders for most goals in a 42 Game Season are ; Andy Cole [1993-94, Newcastle United] and Alan Shearer [1994-95, Blackburn Rovers], they both managed to score 34 goals in one season.The current record holder for the most goals in a 38 Game Season is ; Alan Shearer [1995-96, Blackburn Rovers], who managed to score 31 goals in that specific season.

What is kyle korver's percent of making a three?

in the last season with the jazz he averaged 53.6% which turned out to be the all time nba single season record

Who established an all-time Major League single-season hit record of 262 in 2004?

Ichiro Suzuki

How many goals scored this season so far in the premiership?

As at 15 May 2011 (eleven games to be played), 1028 goals have been scored in the Premier League. The all-time record for a 20-team season is 1060 (1999-2000).

How many records has lionel messi broken?

These are numerous. The most important are listed below. 1) Most goals in a single season in all competitions (73 goals, 2011-12, all-time record) 2) Most goals in a single Primera Division season (50 goals, 2011-12, all-time record, he surpassed right away Cristiano Ronaldo's 40 goals in 2010-11) 3) Most goals ever in a single Champions League season (14 goals, 2011-12, all-time record, he surpassed Van Nistelrooy & equalised Altafini) 4) Most goals in the history of Spanish Super Cup (10 goals so far, 2009-12, all-time record, he surpassed Raul) 5) Most goals in a single Champions League match (5 goals against Bayer Leverkusen in the round of "16", 2012, all-time record, he surpassed Van Basten, S. Inzaghi, Van Nistelrooy, Shevchenko, Prso & Gomis) 6) Most hat-tricks in a Primera Division season (8 hat-tricks, including two 4's against Valencia & Espanyol, 2011-12, all-time record) 7) Most goals in the history of Club World Cup (4 goals so far, 2009 & 2011, he surpassed Romario, Raul, Anelka, Rooney and Aboutrika) 8) Most ever combined goals & assists in a Primera Division season (50 goals & 16 assists, 2011-12) 9) Most official goals in the history of Barcelona (273 goals so far, 2005-present, he surpassed the Barcelona Legend, Cesar Rodriguez) 10) Most Champions League's Top Scorer awards (4 times in a row, 2009-12, he surpassed Puskas, Eusebio, G. Muller & Papin, all-time record) 11) He broke Pele's (King's of Football) record (75) of most goals in a calendar year (76 goals so far, 2012, he still has time for more 'till December 31) 12) He broke Ronaldo's record (47) of most Barcelona's goals in a single Primera Division season (51 goals, 2010-11, all-time record) 13) Most Best Player, Best Forward, Best Foreign & Best Ibero-American Player awards in Primera Division (4, 4, 3 & 5 times respectively, between 2007-2012, all- time records) 14) Most Best Young Player's awards in Europe/World (4 times in a row, 2005-2008, all-time record) 15) Most Ballon D' Or awards (3 in a row so far, 2009-11, all-time record, shared with Platini, Cruyjiff & Van Basten) 16) Most Best Argentinian Player awards (7 times, 2005, 2007-12 in a row, all-time record, he surpassed the Argentine Legend, Diego Maradona - a 4-time winner) 17) He broke Di Stefano's record (54 two-goal games) with the most 2-goal matches in the history of Primera Division. Thus, Messi scored twice (2 goals in one match) in 55 games in La Liga (November 2012, he needs 22 more two-goal matches to surpass Zarra and become the number one ever in that list too) and there are lots of less significant ones.

What is the single game record for most goals by a player in a canucks game?

4 goals...this happened twice. The last time was Markus Naslund December 9, 2003.

What is the Pittsburgh Steelers record for most sacks in a season?

"Mean" Joe Greene holds the record for most sacks in a month for the Pittsburgh Steelers.

Who is Manchester city's top goalscorer of all time?

The record for the greatest number of goals scored by a single player for Manchester City in all competitions is held by Eric Brook, who scored 178 goals - he also jointly holds the record for the most league goals, with 158, alongside Tommy Johnson.

Will laDanian make the NFL hall of fame?

Yes, LT will make the Hall of Fame. He not only holds the single season record for TD's in a single season but he is only two TD's away from claiming third all time.