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prolly about 3 seconds

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2009-10-23 17:42:22
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Q: What is agood time for running from homeplate after hitting a softball to homeplate in division 1 softball?
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How does softball relate to softball?

because of the kinetic energy ( the energy of motion) in hitting, pitching, running, and fielding.!! SOFTBALL RULES!!!

How does softball relate to physics?

because of the kinetic energy ( the energy of motion) in hitting, pitching, running, and fielding.!! SOFTBALL RULES!!!

What is an example of a metaphor for softball?

Softball is like sibling rivalry on a large scale; lots of hitting, running, knocking each other down with an adult making judgment calls.

What should you plan on doing as a player at softball practice?

you should expect running stretching fundamentals( fielding..etc)hitting

What are the fundamental skills and technique in softball?

The fundamental skills required for softball (or baseball) are throwing the ball, catching the ball, hitting the ball with the bat, and running. There are far too many techniques to go into here.

How does softball make you healthier?

Well you do a lot of running when goign to base, home, after the ball, every day during practice, and it will help you stay active almost daily. I find softball a way to release my anger when hitting or throwing balls. -Marina20

What are does different skills in playing softball?

pitching catching pop ups grounders hitting bunting slapping dragging pushing sliding running stealing catching (as in a catcher catching) diving

In softball on hitting the ball and running the bat can bee thrown anywhere?

No way. I was playing catcher last spring when a batter threw his bat back into me after hitting the ball. I appealed to the ump and he called the guy out, even though he got a hit. Safety first.

What are some softball drills?

some softball drills are running throwing fileding and much more

What are the basicskills of softball?

batting throwing catching running batting throwing catching running

What sport has more running softball or soccer?

Soccer for sure !

What are all the rules of softball?

To have the most number of runs after the end of the 7 innings. Runs maybe scored by putting the ball in play (hitting a pitched ball in the infield) and running to each base without being put out.

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