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prolly about 3 seconds

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Q: What is agood time for running from homeplate after hitting a softball to homeplate in division 1 softball?
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How does softball relate to physics?

because of the kinetic energy ( the energy of motion) in hitting, pitching, running, and fielding.!! SOFTBALL RULES!!!

What is an example of a metaphor for softball?

Softball is like sibling rivalry on a large scale; lots of hitting, running, knocking each other down with an adult making judgment calls.

What are the fundamental skills and technique in softball?

The fundamental skills required for softball (or baseball) are throwing the ball, catching the ball, hitting the ball with the bat, and running. There are far too many techniques to go into here.

What should you plan on doing as a player at softball practice?

you should expect running stretching fundamentals( fielding..etc)hitting

In softball on hitting the ball and running the bat can bee thrown anywhere?

No way. I was playing catcher last spring when a batter threw his bat back into me after hitting the ball. I appealed to the ump and he called the guy out, even though he got a hit. Safety first.

How does softball make you healthier?

Well you do a lot of running when goign to base, home, after the ball, every day during practice, and it will help you stay active almost daily. I find softball a way to release my anger when hitting or throwing balls. -Marina20

What are does different skills in playing softball?

pitching catching pop ups grounders hitting bunting slapping dragging pushing sliding running stealing catching (as in a catcher catching) diving

What are all the rules of softball?

To have the most number of runs after the end of the 7 innings. Runs maybe scored by putting the ball in play (hitting a pitched ball in the infield) and running to each base without being put out.

What are some softball drills?

some softball drills are running throwing fileding and much more

What are the basicskills of softball?

batting throwing catching running batting throwing catching running

What sport has more running softball or soccer?

Soccer for sure !

What are the basic tools of baseball?

the five tools are hitting for average, hitting for power, throwing, running, and fielding

What are the basic skills in softball and its meaning?

The basic skills in softball are fielding, hitting/batting, base running Fielding - Is being able to catch and throw a batted ground ball or fly ball properly batting - When one is able to hitting the ball with the bat with a the proper rotational motion Base running - Is able to round the bases with proper turns and execution in the most efficient manner. For extras - Pitching and Catching basics (catcher's basic) - This is able to execute proper pitching motion and the catcher to be able to throw to all bases in the most accurate and strongest throw.

What are the five tools of a baseball player?

Running speed, arm strength, hitting for average, hitting for power, and fielding.

If a fly pop on softball is hit to right field and you are running bases what do you do?

If a fly pop on softball is hit to right field and you are running bases.. If you are on any base but Home, run halfway just in case the ball is caught. If the other team misses it.. keep on running. If the catch it run back to the base you were at.

What is the fastest base running time in softball?

The fastest is around a 2.5 home to 1st time

Is softball anaerobic?

yes, softball is an anaerobic activity.softball is a sport where you just run short just have to sprint to the base or to catch the it just includes short distance running, softball is an anaerobic activity...hope this answers your question..

How far from third base to first base in softball?

if your running the bases it is 120 feet

What do you do in the game of softball?

There's a lot to do like pitching, Batting, catching, Fielding, Running.

What does hobknocking look like?

a person hitting a kiwi of a man and running away. A person who slaps a girl in the boob. Or a person that is under arrest for hitting people's properties

What are the teaching points of base running in softball?

Base running is definitely a crucial part in softball offense. First of all your running mechanics should be sound. When coming off a hit make sure to have an explosive first step and focus only on first base. When running around bases because of a hit from a teammate make sure to be aware where the ball is and follow your coach all the time

How do you score softball?

By running around the bases and touching Home plate just like baseball

Is a runner in softball out for running the bases in reverse or making a travesty of the game?

The ball is dead and the runner is out.

Where can a runner be tagged in softball?

if shes sliding get her on the legs and if shes running tag her on the arm/chest

Do you lose more weight in softball or soccer?

Soccer. MUCH more aerobic (running) excercise