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Q: What is age limit for world junior championship in discus throwing?
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What are the weights for each class?

Heavyweight: Unlimited Cruiserweight: Limit - 190 pounds Light Heavyweight: Limit - 175 pounds Super Middleweight: Limit - 168 pounds Middleweight: Limit - 160 pounds Junior Middleweight/Super Welterweight: Limit - 154 pounds Welterweight: Limit - 147 pounds Junior Welterweight/Super Lightweight: Limit - 140 pounds Lightweight: Limit - 135 pounds Junior Lightweight/Super Featherweight: Limit - 130 pounds Featherweight: Limit - 126 pounds Junior Featherweight/Super Bantamweight: Limit - 122 pounds Bantamweight: Limit - 118 pounds Junior Bantamweight/Super Flyweight: Limit - 115 pounds Flyweight: Limit - 112 pounds Junior Flyweight/Light Flyweight: Limit - 108 pounds Strawweight: Limit - 105 pounds

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