What is a wrist shot?

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A wrist shot is a shot in Ice Hockey which involves primarily the wrist muscles to propel the puck using the concave side of the blade.

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Q: What is a wrist shot?
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What is more accurate a wrist shot or a slap shot?


What is a wrister?

A wrister is a wrist shot in ice hockey, a shot made with a distinct wrist motion.

What is a wrist shot in hockey?

A wrist shot is using you wrist to shoot a puck without slapping it off ice, you keep it on the ice when you shoot.

What shot goes in more wrist shot or quick shot in the NHL?

Quick shot isn't an actual shot. I don't know where you heard it, but that's not an actual term. There is a wrist shot, slap shot, chip shot, and snap shot.

What are more names for shots in hockey?

Wrist shot, slap shot (clapper), snap shot and backhand

Who has the hardest wrist shot in the nhl 08-09?

Carson Duggar, he shot a 140 mph wrist shot in an allstar game in a junior league in Ontario. He is the best player to ever touch ice.

What is the average speed of a wrist shot?

An excellent wrist shot can achieve 80 mph, perhaps higher. An average speed of 50-60 mph is reasonable to assume.

When you break your wrist do you have to get a shot?

I do not know how doctors treat a broken wrist in this century, but when I broke my wrist in the late 1990's,the doctor just gave me an X-ray and put a cast on my arm. Unless your arm was infected, there is no need for a shot.

Fastest wrist shot?

There is no way to determine who has the fastest wrist shots because these shots are not clocked for speed. Although, it has been said that Joe Sakic is the best at this type of shot.

What are the six different shots in hockey?

slap shot wrist shot snap shot backhand tip in backhand wristshot

Describe a forehand shot in badminton?

A shot in which the hand flexes at the wrist, similar to how a person throws a ball.

Who has the best wrist shot in the history of the NHL?

Dan Focht

Who has the hardest or fastest wrist shot in NHL history?


What is the fastest recorded hockey wrist shot?

Troy Soper @ 207.9mph

Did anyone have a cortisone shot in their wrist and experience the injection site reopen small bleeding spot months after the shot?

Go and see your doctor.

How do you do a power shot in Wii sports tennis?

You have to press the A button and after you do that you have to pop your wrist when you swing and that is how you can do it.

What are the 3 basic ways to beat a 3 on 1 in hockey?

Slap Shot from the point, Wrist shot from the point, and fall down and try to make a good shot from there. It will look nice

What injuries can come from incorrect wrist shots?

== == You might get a SLIGHT wrist pain, from not using the muscles in your arm and wrist properly when you shoot, but you certainly won't break any bones doing it. A wrist shot is NOT a full wind up slap shot, with a big back swing. A wrist shot SHOULD be a shot that has NO back swing, and is a quick release shot, from a relaxed posture. A good wrist shot is MORE effective than a big over blown slapper. The wrist shot should be controlled and with practice, a good player can hit a two inch target from 30 feet time after time. Practice is key to any skill, and the wrist shot is no different. Th skill is in NOT looking at the stick or the puck while shooting. A player has to learn to "Feel" the puck on the stick and get the shot away fast, and accurately, too. The puck should come off the blade tip spinning hard and fast. The top hand on the stick is the controlling hand the bottom hand is the power hand in a wrist shot.. The entire upper body is used to get the power into the puck as it is released, with a SNAP and a whipping motion of the blade towards the target. To many players shoot AT thegoalie, instead of at the OPENINGS on either side of the goalie. Remember that when he moves his legs he opens up a hole, either between his legs or on either side of his body. With a practice net in front of you, put up small targets in each corner of the net, and shoot at them to sharpen your skills. Don't all ways stand in the same place to shoot either. Practice shooting from the side of the net too.

What are the four most popular shots in hockey?

1) Wrist shot 2) Slap shot 3) Snap shot 4) Backhand

Who shot the fastest wrist shot?

Zedno Chara (Boston Briuns)Actually, he had the hardest slap shot at 105 mph

What is the name of an ice hockey strike?

Their is a slapshot, which is the most powerful shot in hockey. Its speed in the NHL can range from 80-105mph. Wrist shot is when the puck is pulled through he body launching the puck of the stick like a sling shot. A snapshot is also used as a shot, and the wrist literally snap when striking the puck. This is used for quick releases/ Also, passes are used which can look like a "Strike"

What muscles should you improve to play the smash shot in badminton?

The whole of the upper arm, that's where the strength of the shot comes from, but then you can get more power with a flick of the wrist - so upper arm, and wrists.

How do I shot web?

First, make a radioactive spider bite you. Then you pull your middle and ring finger down, flick your wrist down and your web will shoot out of your wrist. Or you can build a mechanical web shooter, if you want it based on the comics

How do you shoot a hockey puck perfectly?

To shoot a hockey puck correctly you need to use your wrist allot and have strong arm and leg muscles. There are various ways to shoot a hockey puck one way is to bend your knees slightly, grasp the stick lightly, pul back your hockey stick WITH THE PUCK use your wrist and release using your wrist and kick you leg behind the other leg quickly. if you are unsure how to do this type of shot (wrist shot) check out this video. thanks go hockey!

What are words that have to do with hockey?

Stick, puck, NHL, goalie, center, winger, defenseman, referee, net, rubber biscuit, slapshot, backhand, wrist shot, snap shot, boards, and check to name a few.