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Q: What is a wooden bowl with a handle called?
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What is the opposite of a spoon's handle called?

Handle or tang * The opposite of the spoon handle is called the bowl.

Who wrote the short story called The Wooden Bowl?

Usha Bansal wrote this story

What is a wooden fruit basket called?

A wooden fruit basket is commonly known simply as a "wooden fruit basket" or a "wooden fruit bowl." It is a container specifically designed for holding and displaying fruits.

What are the parts of the spoon?

The top of the spoon on which the food is transported is called the bowl which can be split into the bowl and the bowl tip. The part that you hold is the stem or handle.

What are the parts of a spoon?

The part that you hold is called the handle or stem, and the part you eat off of is called the bowl.

What are the different parts in a spoon called?

ummm...what kind of a questionis this??? The handle or tang and the bowl

Why spoon have wooden handle?

Wooden handles do not get hot and burn your hand.

What are the parts of magnifying?

the maiden of the wooden bowl

What is the complication of the maiden with the wooden bowl?


What is a wooden bowl make of?

A wooded bowl is made out of wood. Wood is what trees are made of. You can make a wooden bowl by cutting off some wood from a tree and carving it into the shape of a bowl. Sometimes it would be preferable to put burning embers on top of a slab of wood and let them burn a concave hole into the wood, making a wooden bowl.

Is a wooden handle a conductor or a insulator?


What is the setting in the story of the woman with a wooden bowl?

The setting in the story of "The Woman with a Wooden Bowl" is a village in a rural area. The village is depicted as being impoverished, with the woman living a simple and humble life. The wooden bowl symbolizes her meager belongings and the hardships she faces.