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A win loss ratio is to keep track of records for a season. Ex. 4:3 Ratio. the 4 is the win while the 3 is the loss airgo win loss ratio.

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2012-10-26 17:23:11
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Q: What is a win to loss ratio?
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What is the Dallas Cowboys win-loss ratio?


What is the best win loss ratio in world rugby over the last 100 years?

The All Blacks have a 75% win loss percentage which is currently the highest.

What was Andre arassi win to loss ratio at wimbleton after he retired in 2006?

46-13 :)

What is the current houston astros win-loss record?

The current win to loss record for the Houston Astros baseball team is forty wins to ninety losses. This is a 32.8 percent win to loss ratio which is slightly lower than most teams.

What is ratio in league of legends?

This can refer to many things. Your win-to-loss ratio; kills-to-deaths in a single game; etc... It depends on the context.

What is the best win loss ratio in world sport?

I think it is 122/0 but I'm really not sure.

The team's win to loss ratio was 5 to 3 if they played 120 game's and did not tie any game's then how many game's did the team win?


Is the win and loss percentage always expressed as a percentage. Explain your answer?

Not always but can be ie played 10 won 7 lost 3 win/loss ratio 7:3 Winning games 70% Losing games 30%

How do you calculate credit loss ratio?

how do we calculate credit loss ratio in banks financials

Which battles did the Confederacy win during the Civil War?

1861 Fort Sumter Win Harpers Ferry Win Manassas Win 1862 Pea Ridge Loss Fort Donaldson Loss Monitor vs. Virginia Tie Peninsula Campaign Win Seven Days Win Manassas Win Seven Pines Win Shiloh Tie Antietam Tie Fredericksburg Win 1863 Chancellorville Win Vicksburg Loss Gettysburg loss Chickamauga Win Chattanooga Loss 1864 Wildness Win Mobile Bay Loss Atlanta Loss Petersburg Loss Nashville Loss 1865 Five Forks Loss Palmito Ranch Win

Who do you get percentage of loss to ratio?

% loss = ((selling price - cost)/cost x 100 Ratio of loss to cost? (selling price - cost)/cost

What international rugby team has the highest win to loss ratio?

Its the New Zealand All Blacks with a 92.29% success rate. Australia are behind with 86.19%

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