What is a win at chess called?

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Checkmate .

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Q: What is a win at chess called?
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Related questions

How can you win at chess?

The objective of chess is to take the king to win the game(war).

How do you win over opponent against chess?

You win in chess by checkmating your opponent.

Can you win with a knight and a bishop in chess?

Having a bishop in Chess will not help you win. You can only win if you have a queen.

What is stalement?

Stalemate is when neither player can win in chess therefore it is called "Draw by stalemate"

What is the end move in chess called?

The last move in chess is a checkmate. A checkmate is when you have trapped the king to where it cannot escape in anyway. Then, you win the game.

How do you win a game of chess?

To win at chess you capture the King by using the chess pieces strategically and tactically ~ see related link below .

How can win chess?

To win at chess you must be better than your opponent by having more experience and being better studied at the game of chess .

How do you win chess?

To win chess, you must use a move called a 'Checkmate' on the opponents' king. It is where you are attacking the king, and there is no possible escape (blocking the attack, capturing the attacking piece, or moving the king out of an attack).

What are some strategies to chess?

To win.

What is it called when you win a chess game in 4 moves?

It is called the Scholar's Mate also known as four move check mate

Is it possible to win a chess game with a Castle and a King?

It's possible to win a chess game with any set or number of pieces

Do you win at chess if you capture the opponent's king?

Yes , you win the game by capturing/checkmating your opponent's King - this is the purpose of the chess game .

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