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Q: What is a wide tackle six defense?
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What side of the football does a tackle?

A football does not tackle at all, the teams tackle.

What are the name of positions in football?

Offense Quarterback halfback fullback wide receiver tight end tackle guard center Defense middle linebacker outside linebacker defensive end defensive tackle cornerback strong safety free safety

Who is the best tackle football team in the whole wide world?

The carolina panthers are the best tackle football team in the whole wide world!

How do you tackle in hand ball?

You do not tackle in defense of basketball. You challenge or contest shots and try and pressure them to force them back.

What posistions are in an NFL team?

In offense there's the quarterback,tailback(halfback or runningback),fullback,wide reciever,tight end,left guard,left tackle,center,right tackle,right guard and right tackle. In defense there's the right end,defensive tackle,left end,cornerback,free safety and strong safety. In special teams,there's the kicker and punter.

What attack is Snorelax using on Poketower In Pokemon Tower Defense?


When does Pikachu to learn volt tackle in pokemon tower defense?

Well Pikachu Doesnt Learn Volt Tackle In Pokemon Tower Defense but other's do but he may cause the maker of the game may add volt tackle to pikachu and other pokemon may learn it glad for the help!

What is a six letter word for fishing gear?


What position is NT in football?

Nose Tackle. It's a position on the defensive line and is also called a nose guard or a middle guard. It's typically seen in the 3-4 defense, when the NT is the sole tackle on the lien of scrimmage, with defensive ends on either side. It can also refer to one of the two tackles used in the 4-3 defense. And in the older 5-2 defense, the line has two ends, two tackles and the NT would the be the middle tackle. The NT focuses on the center and one of the guards on the opposing team's offensive line.

Who can go in motion on offense in football?

Full back,tight end, wide receiver , tackle

In football - can the goalkeeper be tackled inside the six-yard-box?

You tackle the ball, not a player.

What is it called if defense charges though offensive line to tackle quarterback before he can pass or hand off the ball?

A sack