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Im not sure

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Q: What is a wide ball in cricket?
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Is wide ball counted as a ball faced by the batsman in Cricket?

no ,wide ball is not counted as a ball faced by the batsman in Cricket.but no ball is counted as a ball faced by the batsman in Cricket.

Who invented wide ball in cricket?

cennie rawding did

How many runs do you get for a wide ball in Cricket?

For one wide ball only one run.

What is measurement of wide ball in cricket from central wicket?

Cricket from central wicket? lol

In cricket stump out is possible in a no ball?

As per the international standard cricket Yes, stump out is possible both on a wide ball as well as a no ball and bowncy and pathar pather ball.

How long is one over of cricket?

In cricket, one over consists of 6 genuine ball, excluding extra deliveries like wide ball, no ball, etc.

How wide does the cricket ball have to be to be called a WIDE?

There are two white horizental lines on the crease with the stumps (on the right and the left). If the ball swings and passes these lines will be given wide.

What does overs in cricket mean?

an over in cricket is 6 balls (depending on if he balls a wide or a no ball) bowled by a bowler

How many balls are bowled in a cricket over?

there are 6 balls per over in cricket, unless a wide or no ball is bowled

What is ball used in cricket called?

Cricket ball Cricket ball

What happens when the ball is wide in cricket?

the team batting gets a free run and the ball does not count so it has to be pitched again.

What does both arms wide mean in cricket?

if the bowler bowls the ball out of the strip in front of the bowler ( his limit) then the umpire shouts wide and it means the ball has gone out of the rectangle/strip.

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